A first for three of us. (FMFM20S) Pt2

“I have a confession, you’ll be the first white guy I’ve fucked and I hope you don’t disappoint?”

“Well, you’ll be the first black woman I’ve been with and I hope I won’t disappoint. There’s only one way to find out.”

Mia didn’t waste time. She unbuttoned my pants and pulled my hard cock out. She said, “not bad,” and proceeded to put me down her throat. “Fuck,” left my mouth as she was the first to get me all in. I heard Brooke make a noise and her eyes were wide. Mia proceeded to give me one of the best BJs of my life. I hope Brooke was paying attention. I looked and she wasn’t. She was on her knees, choking on Jesse’s dick.

After a few minutes, the girls switched places. We both watched as Mia took Jesse’s enormous cock all in her mouth. Brooke decided she was ready to fuck. She pulled my pants all the way off and climbed on top of me. She put her natural breasts in my face as she lowered onto my cock. She put her arms around my neck and we had a good rhythm of her bouncing and me thrusting into her. Jesse had the same idea and pulled Mia up and she mounted him reverse. Her tits looked great bouncing from Jesse fucking her hard.

Brooke wanted to switch positions. She got down on the floor with her knees on the ground and thighs against the couch. She put her forearms on the couch and stuck her ass up. I got behind her and pushed all in. I grabbed her long brown hair and began to fuck her hard. I had a good view of Mia fucking Jesse. It was quite a site watching his large rod move inside of Mia. She had a creamy pussy and you could see the cream covering his cock. Mia started moaning loud and her back arched. She was cumming. Watching her cute breasts bounce and her moans put me over the edge. I push inside Brooke as deep as I could and unloaded my seed inside her.

Mia opened her eyes when she heard me cum. She said, “not yet, don’t cum” as she climbed off of Jesse but it was too late. I was pulling out when I felt her touch me. “I was wanting your first cum. I guess I’ll have to clean you off and Brooke also.” She put my cock in her mouth for a few seconds then went to Brooke’s cum filled pussy. She cleaned her well enough to give her another orgasm. When she moved away from Brooke, Jesse told her he had another load for her. He was stroking his cock when she put half of it in her mouth. A few seconds later, Jesse grunted and gave Mia another load.

Once everything settled down and everyone got dressed, Mia was the first to say something.

“That was a great time. I was a little disappointed I didn’t get Tom’s first load but I’m sure there’s more to come. I have an idea, Brooke, why don’t you let me go to bed with Tom tonight and you go with Jesse. How does that sound?”

Brooke looked at me then at Mia then back at me. I gave her a little smile. She then said, “I’m down with that.”

NSFW: yes

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