A first date gets steamy Part 2 – Short Sex Story

This is a continuation from ‘A first date gets steamy’
I followed Sarah back to her house which turned out to be a cute bungalow surrounded by countryside. She made me wait outside while she went in to tidy some stuff up, she was clearly not expecting business! After a while she beckons me in. Inside was just as cute as the outside and perfect for a solo or couple occupancy. She gives me a brief tour around which consisted of her living room/study area, a kitchenette, her bedroom and a bathroom and we have a chat about some comic book artwork on the walls and a few items on the shelves that caught my eye. We then played the original resident evil on PlayStation for about an hour before her hand falls on mine and she catches my eye.
Instantly we begin kissing, her soft lips totally amazing to kiss. She pulls me on top of her and I notice she is breathing heavily once more. She pulls my t-shirt up and I obligingly remove it. I smile as I feel her hands caress my stomach, arms and chest muscles. I have a lean body and work a physical job so although I wouldn’t say I’m muscular, there’s definitely some definition to my body that girls love. She sighs approvingly and arches her back to remove her t-shirt and then the lacey bra. Seeing her breasts in the light, (I think I neglected to mention it was dark when we found our cars in part one) I marveled at how perfectly round and perky they were. I kissed them softly, moving my mouth from one to the other. Sarah squirmed with pleasure and hooked her thumbs over her jeans and pulled them down. I tried to help her push them over her feet but they turned inside out, leading to a comical moment of untangling her from her trousers. Real smooth…
I look down at her body. Pale, slim with a few freckles dusting her chest. She had wide hips and long, long legs, how lucky am I to see this! I wondered. She raises an arm to me, beckoning back to her soft kisses. Her tongue explores my mouth with willing passion and I discover my hands are caressing her hips, teasing the elastic of her underwear.
‘wait, I need some water’ she says and gets up and skips to the kitchen. I take in the sight of her body as she somewhat ungracefully gulps down a glass of water. When she returns, I sit up and pull her hips towards me so she’s standing in front of me. She sees what is about to happen and grips my hair ‘oh yesss, yes!’. I kiss her hips, her thighs and inner thighs. I press my tongue into the soft mound under her knickers and she lets out a soft sigh. I pull her knickers down and she raises one foot then the other to let them drop to the floor. I take in the moment. Her vagina just inches away from my mouth, her gorgeous long legs, her perky arse and lovely hips all within caressing distance. I kiss the small patch of pubic hair and her hands run though my hair, imploring me to explore further. My tongue envelops her clitoris and she pushes her hips to my face. She tastes exquisite and in a moment, she is standing directly above me, her hips grinding her vagina onto my mouth. My face is totally wet from her but I don’t care, I’m in heaven. My tongue stretches as far as it will go into her which excites her even more and her thighs squeeze my head as she comes, her hips aggressively grinding on my mouth.
She collapses on the floor and kisses me, breathless. ‘Thank. You. So. Much!’ she says between kisses. She pushes me down, takes off my jeans and pants then climbs on top of me. She kisses me so passionately, still worked up from coming so hard and she writhes on top of me, her hands caressing my body. She grinds her hips against my rock hard penis, making it slick with her wetness and getting more and more excited by the second. She continues to kiss me and her breasts press against my chest, nipples hard and proud. Using just her hips, she manages to get to tip of my penis against her vagina and pushes down slightly. ‘do you want to…?’ she asks, jiggling her hips and taking just a little bit more of me into her.
‘Actually Sarah, I really like you, I think we should wait until next time. I think we’ve got to know eachother really, really well tonight so let’s save something for next time?’ I said, also moving my hips to tease her.
‘ohhh that would be fun, I suppose we should leave something for later but… can you let me ride you just for a moment so I know what to look forward to?’ Sarah pleaded. To tell you the truth, I was a bit uncomfortable about having sex on first date back then, I don’t know why but it felt like it was a rule that you shouldn’t go all the way. In addition to that, I simply felt so turned on by her grinding on my face that I didn’t think I would last all that long anyway! But… I was still very horny so…
‘you can ride me for a moment’ I said, ‘but only a moment!’
Sarah sat up and watched as she took me into herself. She was so wet and the journey so silky smooth we both groaned with pleasure. Her hips rose up again so I glimpsed the slick shaft of my penis before they plunged back down, another sigh of passion. Sarah began to get wilder again, those fantastic hips working their magic. ‘OK ok, save some for next time!’ I said.
‘oh you tease! there will be a next time alright, I want you so, so badly!’ Sarah said, sliding off my penis and tying back her hair. She wasnt done with me!
She took me in her mouth and licked around the shaft. Her lips clamped around my penis as she bobbed her head up and down, licking the tip as she did so. With her free hand, she reached between her hips to play with her clitoris. Her muffled moans felt amazing on my cock and it wasn’t long before I felt the create up to orgasm. ‘Sarah I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come!’
‘me too!’ she gasped and took me back in. I came hard and she screamed her orgasm onto my cock before she swallowed pulse after pulse of cum.
She laid down next to me, breathless. ‘so…. When can we have our next date!?’ she said before slowly licking the fingers she had masturbated with and winking at me…

NSFW: yes

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