A Femboy Fantasy Come True

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NSFW: yes

I 19[F] and my boyfriend[18] have known each other for a few months but didn’t hangout or talk much until fairly recent and a few weeks ago started dating. We moved kinda fast as teens do and there isn’t much I know about him when it comes to kinks/Sexual preferences, so I asked prior and got very minimal answers. Figured out some things along the way but at all times asking before I tried something new and asking if he enjoys it.

Context paragraph: I wear the pants, I’m very much the leading partner when it comes to relationships no matter the gender of the person I’m with, although most times I like others to be the lead in sex. He is shy, few inches shorter than me- {I know where those extra inches went ;)} and has a feminine body figure. –
I discover him very attractive in every aspect, especially the feminine body. He’s submissive, which is not very surprising given his personality. But with that and his femme body, I joked about him being a femboy. He has a figure that I envy. –
Well he saw my main Reddit, different from the profile I made to post this. I follow a femboy nsfw subreddit. He not into pegging, I’ve never done it so I’m not sure how I’d feel about it myself. The thing for me is the clothes, the presentation I suppose. Something about guys in frilly skirts and thigh highs gets me flushed. It was at all times a joke but deep down I wanted to see him dress feminine, outside of his usually skinny jeans and hoodie. I had accepted I’d never discover it but something happened last night that lead to some events earlier today.

~The Juicy Stuff~
Last night after he showered he sent a mirror picture of himself in a towel. One of the front view and another of a side view. (He has a great ass, I tell him that a lot) After replying in text absolutely baffled, he then asked to FaceTime. I said yes without hesitation. He was acting cutely still in his towel and off camera got changed into a hoodie and underwear. Then he quickly flashed his whole ass. My jaw dropped. We joked about it for a few minutes including me calling him a femboy once more. He brought up the subreddit and said I should make him an outfit. Like I mentioned prior I have very little clue of what he’s comfortable with outside of what we have already done. So I asked if he said he was serious and he said yeah. So I compiled a fit of a skirt, fishnet top, cut cropped t and thigh high socks. We are very similar in size so everything fits, we’ve worn each other’s clothes before.-
Today he came over. We relaxed and hung out for a bit and the discussion of what happened last night came up. I had told him the outfit was still laid out on the opposite side of my bedroom. He put it on. I was very “excited.” He said it looks good but would never go outside looking like this.(I find out that and would never ask him to such.) I couldn’t stop telling him how good he looked. (seriously pulled it off better than me) After a few minutes of looking at himself in the mirror he laid back on my bed. I asked him if he was gonna change and he said it was comfy. We made out and eventually had sex. He didn’t remove the outfit, not even the skirt. I was living a dream, a fantasy. Even after I was admiring him, completely enclosed in the fantasy. It was extremely hot, riding him with my hand around his wrist and the other around his neck. The image of his eyes rolling back and sound of his soft moans are ingrained in my mind. So much so I made another Reddit profile so I could post it somewhere. I cant shake the wondered of him dressed like that. It makes me so turned on. He knows I like it but I told him that it doesn’t have to be every time, especially if he isn’t fully comfortable with it in the future. But to be fully truthful I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it if he chooses not to dress up again. I can hold off, but my guilty hope is that I don’t have to wait long.


  1. NewbFemboi

    My gf loves that I’m a femboy! Glad to see another couple experiencing its joys and fun!

  2. ghost_biker_001

    People readong this: aaaawwww
    Also people reading this: wtf did I just read lol

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