A excuse. [Fiction story]


Characters of the story:

1. Ash — A 22 year old boy, single, tall, fit & clever. He is hot for Aunt Foxx. Situation between Ash and Aunt Foxx ranged from passionate kissing to intense handjobs.
2. Aunt Foxx — A 35 year old woman. Single, Short and fit. Gorgeous face, medium sized breasts and a heavenly bubble butt. Aunt Foxx often fantasies about Ash. Especially after she caught him masturbating which led to Aunt Foxx giving him an intense handjob.

Setting of the scene:

The scene takes place at Aunt Foxx’s house. She has arranged a kitty party with 4 of her close friends. Ash is in the house accompanying Aunt Foxx in the kitchen in preparation of snacks and refreshments. After a while the ladies talk about their life especially about salaries, jobs and about their sex life. During this event Aunt Foxx started to get wet when one of her close friends starts to tell how she had slept with a stranger. After this Aunt Foxx excuses herself to go kitchen as she says she has something in the oven (she lied). She enters the kitchen and…….

Aunt Foxx comes closer to Ash and pulls him towards her. She looks him into his eyes and softly touches her fingers on Ash’s lips and starts kissing him. A passionate kiss, Aunt Foxx gets playful with  her lips whereas Ash runs his hand from Foxx’s shoulder to navel and then to her ass and starts to grope it.

” What’s the occasion?” asks Ash after finishing of kissing. “Nothing its just a way of saying Thank you for helping today” replies Aunt Foxx. “Oh..your welcome Aunt Foxx” says Ash. “Yeah…. But I am actually not done yet”, says Aunt Foxx in a sluty tone while moving and running her hands on Ash’s body while looking in his eye. “Really, What do you have in mind?” replies Ash.

Aunt Foxx walks backwards to the kitchen counter and turns around focusing him on her ass. “I want you to fuck me” replies Aunt Foxx while smiling as she awaited for this moment for long time. “Really?” replies Ash as he starts to walk towards Aunt Foxx. “Yeah sweety I am all yours for now, sweety” says Aunt Foxx.

Ash looking at Aunt Foxx bubble butt walks closer to her and whispers softly, “Can i spank it?”. “No questions sweety as i said i am all yours” replies Aunt Foxx. Ash then runs his hand up and down her ass through her dress and softly spanks it. “Ahhhh…” Aunt Foxx moans loudly as she rolls her eyes after the spanking.

“Is everything all right, Foxx?” asks one of her close friends after hearing the noise. “Yeah no problem just hit my toe” replies Aunt Foxx to her friend. “Alright “. Aunt Foxx turns her head back and tells,” You naughty little boy”.

Ash is mesmerized as he saw Aunt Foxx bubble butt jiggle when he spanked. Ash runs his hands of Aunt Foxx thighs and realizes that she is soaking wet. He pulls up Aunt Foxx mini dress and turns her around facing him. He gets on his knees and bites Aunt Foxx panties and pulls it down slowly. “Where did you learn that sweety?” replies Foxx in a shocking tone as she didn’t expect that move from Ash. “I have a lot of tricks awaiting” replies Ash as he moves closer towards Aunt Foxx and kisses passionately.

After that Ash turns Aunt Foxx around takes of his pants and underwear, tears up the packet of condom puts on his cock and inserts in Aunt Foxx wet pussy. He slowly and passionately moves it back and forth while running his hands through Aunt Foxx silky navel and her beautiful boobs. “Are you liking it Aunt?” asks Ash. “Yeah sweety i am liking it while slowly moaning and her eyes rolled. Baby, Your cock is bigger than some of the men i slept in college” tells Aunt Foxx as she is enjoying every minute of the moment. After a moment Aunt Foxx tells Ash to slow down for a moment. 

Aunt Foxx in a loud tone instructs her friends to increase the volume of the music as she doesn’t want her friends to have a dull party. Her friends increase the volume.

Ash curiously asked”What’s was that about?” (Ash was curious why Aunt Foxx suddenly instructed her friends to increase the volume). “Sweety, theirs a reason for everything. From now i want to you to fuck me harder. I told them to increase the volume as of to muffle my voice as i don’t think i can keep myself from not moaning. Ash now starts to fuck Aunt Foxx harder and harder. From each thrust Aunt Foxx moaning increases. Harder and harder and harder  ……. and finally they both ended with a shaky and eye rolling orgasm.

Ash and Aunt Foxx exhausted look towards each other and kiss passionately. “Did you like it?” Ash asks curiously. “Liked it? Loved it…loved every bit of it. My legs are still shaking sweety.”replies Aunt Foxx.

“Now what?” questions Ash. “Now…..lets give my friends the bad news..That foods ruined” replies Aunt Foxx.

Both look at each other and laugh.

NSFW: yes

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