A Dangerous Pair [F-solo 30s] [MF 30s] [exhib] [voy]

She trembled as her finger hovered over the submit button.

She had trembled as her finger hovered over the shutter button.

She had trembled as her finger hovered over her sensitive button

She had trembled as her finger hovered over the pants button.

Her pussy and the internet were a dangerous pair…


A clear image of her glistening pussy shone from her phone, casting light across Myra’s face and along the bedroom wall. Her pussy. It was her aroused and dripping pussy, captured in digital. Digital… her own digits had been working over the soft folds, circling slick juices over sensitive skin. Her pussy. When she felt like this it wasn’t a vagina; it wasn’t a vulva; “labia” wasn’t a term that came up. It wasn’t a tulip, or a kitty, or a mound – none of the cheesy metaphors or synonyms from erotic stories applied. It was her pussy. And that’s what bathed her in light from the phone display. Her pussy and the internet were a dangerous pair.


The term “glory hole” was tossed around a lot in the glass blowing reality show they’d been watching the night before. In glass blowing terms, it is the hole that the artists plunged their stiff poles through, heating the glass on the tip to a molten, quivering mass before blowing and caressing caused an ever growing hot shaft of… It was that sort of corny and suggestive, eyerolling conversation that had accompanied the show. That topic had crept into Myra’s thoughts as she was spending a little down time the next day, flipping through numerous stories and social media sites on her phone. The jokes from the night before crept into her memory. Out of boredom, more than any deep seated fantasy or desire, “glory hole” was typed into the search bar of the password protected browser.

Unsurprisingly, lots of pornographic links were available, she picked the one which looked the least like it would be clickbait or a virus and the video started loading. Unsurprisingly, again, it was pretty standard, staged pornography. A young skinny girl with big perky tits innocently sits in a brightly lit white room with a few waiting room-style chairs and a big hole in the wall. She’s wearing a schoolgirl outfit. In a few seconds the hole has an obscenely large dick poking out of it. Blondie gasps, “Is that a…!? Oh my, I shouldn’t… but…” suggestive lip bite and… Blondie’s on her knees, slobbering around a gigantic mahogany cock, simply not able to get enough… Next.

A poorly lit black room with a porn scene playing on a small tv set into the wall. A more “alternative” looking woman with purple hair, though still young and skinny with big perky tits. Dressed in the standard distressed fishnets and leather boots, Purple’s not so innocently rubbing her clit, legs spread against the faux-seedy walls. A semi-hard dick appears at one of the openings and Purple pounces, bringing her nose right to the wall as she gets the mystery guy hard. Purple continues to play with her clit, sucking him for a bit and, with a knock on the wall, pulls back and takes a gigantic cut shot over her tongue, simply not able to get enough. A dick pops out of the hole on the other side and with a performative flourish, Purple gulps, sticks out a clean tongue, then gets to work on cock number two. Next.

Staged set pieces. More white girls with perky tits. More big dicks in holes… glory, glory… not for her. The glory hole porn was almost as cheesy as the glory hole jokes the night before. Still it did have naked people doing sexual things and that piqued something inside her. Specifically, it interested her pussy. Clicking the menu brought up a host of new categories: Amateur, BBW, Creampie, Dildo… a real naughty alphabet. Amateur? Why not, those tended to have less of those young and skinny clones who simply couldn’t get enough…

Scrolling through thumbnails of the numerous “Amateur” videos showed a wide variety of key words and quality. Glasses blowjob; hotel sex with babe; first time facial… hmm… “Masked MILF Pounded” wouldn’t normally be something Myra would click on but, the preview video showed a curvier woman in a lacy black mask, her ass in the air with an average looking guy sliding his cock into her. That was a bit different. Click.

The video showed a fairly standard bedroom, not particularly glamorous, and certainly not staged to be innocent or seedy. The attractive curvy woman from the preview, mask covering the top half of her face was lying on the bed. The Masked Lady had a fairly plain, but well fitting black nightgown on and began to slowly run her hands over the silky fabric. Trailing up and down over a belly that was softer and larger than the stars of the previous videos, the Masked Lady slid a hand to her breast and started to cup and caress, circling the nipple which was starting to thrust proudly beneath the satiny gown. A question of “Do you like this?” received agreement from a male voice offscreen. Pinching, pulling, pleasuring, the Masked Lady bit her lower lip and soon both hands were working and rubbing over her curvy body. A low moan was followed by hands grasping for the thin straps, lowered off shoulders until both gorgeous breasts were exposed. They were big, larger than average, but not gigantic. They weren’t perky, but gracefully sloped until squeezed and caressed by hands returning to their target. The Masked Lady looked like she was really enjoying the performance, the star of the show for the voice offscreen. Breath heavy, lips quivering, hands grasping. Hips starting to move, gyrating and rising as a hand started working lower, pulling at the black silky fabric, slowly revealing the small black lacy underwear that clung, doing what they could to cover an increasingly aroused pussy. Fingers slid inside, first the lace, then, from what could be assumed from slick sounds, the wet folds beneath. They circled and twisted under damp lace, stretching to provide room for movement and accompanying peeks of the secrets beneath.

Myra trembled as her finger hovered over the pants button. Wow. This one didn’t begin like any of the others, it was still a performance, but certainly not the synthetic sex of the first few videos. This felt real – a little voyeuristic even – the Masked Lady in the video was certainly enjoying herself. And Myra was enjoying herself too, she realized, her palm having been rubbing over her pants, warmth spreading underneath as her pussy felt the friction through layers of increasingly moist cloth. On the video the Masked lady was stripping the black coverings from her body, baring herself for that offscreen lover. Fuck it. The button quickly popped open. The zipper flew down and her fingers slid slide inside, first the fabric, then wet folds. They circled and twisted, stretching against the clothing that still covered the secrets beneath. Naked. Now. Layers came off and now both she and the Masked lady were bare, fingers sliding over erect clits, grasping at bare breasts.

“Come here” was the Masked Lady’s clear request. The Masked Man from the video thumbnail entered the frame, his proud erect cock leading the way to the woman on the bed. He bent over the prostrated form, gently touching the Masked Lady’s face as he brought their lips together in a kiss. Soon they were kissing, hands roaming, fingers probing and grasping. The couple were warm, little smiles, chuckles and soft words accompanied moans and gasps. First the Masked Man kissed slowly down the soft belly and buried his own masked face between the Masked Lady’s thighs. He licked and lapped while the camera caught a closer view of the little brown patch of hair just above glistening, sensual folds. Next, the Masked Lady took her turn falling to her knees and licking and sucking his cock. The Masked Lady’s hand kept working to keep up the pleasure for herself.

Likewise, Myra was working on her own pleasure, enjoying the eroticism and the warmth the couple in the other bedroom were sharing. Her fingers slid up and down, squeezing lips around her clit, spreading folds to dip inside. “Lie down” came another gentle but firm request from the Masked Lady, “I’m going to grind on your face first.” A eager supplicant assumed his position and the Masked Lady assumed hers as she rode, bucking and enjoying her mount on a masked face. Finally, the pounding. The Masked Lady climbed onto the bed and positioned herself on all fours, her fingers moving over her pussy lips and dipping inside, fingering and fumbling until the man slid her hand away grabbing her hips and getting into position. There, this is what Myra and her pussy wanted, good hard sex.

The Masked Lady must also have been very aroused as one thrust had cock buried fully in her pussy. The Masked Lady moaned loudly and the look on her face had Myra’s hand starting to move more frantically. The first parts of the video were sensual, this part was more lustful, but still clearly between two real and caring people. It was real as the Masked Lady pushed back against the dick impaling her from behind. It was a real pounding that sent ripples cascading over the Masked Lady’s voluptuous ass. It was real moaning and real lip biting. It was a real orgasm for both the masked couple as his cum erupted, she grasped the sheets, and they slowed their movements. With a sensual kiss and a warm giggle the video ended.

Myra hadn’t got her own orgasm yet. Focusing on the phone, she clicked the username under the video title, MaskedCouple33, and found a user account page with only the one video. “There must be more than that!” The only other detail was a url, which she clicked without hesitation. It took her to a social media profile. This user account had sparse details about the couple, but more excitingly, had tons of posts of pictures which she quickly started scrolling through to see if more videos existed. Most recently, there were a few captures from the steamy video she had watched – particularly captivating moments frozen in time and posted for the public.

Beyond that was a collection of mostly the Masked Lady in numerous poses and activities. A cropped selfie showed the Masked Lady from the chin down, breasts pulled out of her bra and shirt in the front seat of a car, maybe in a parking garage. Topless in the forest, the camera was perhaps set on a timer, with the Masked Lady’s unmasked face carefully obscured by a well placed leaf – that one was a bit artistic. Oh that’s the Masked Man’s cock in the Masked Lady’s mouth, BJ selfie! There was one in a bathroom mirror with the Masked Lady completely naked and grinning, bare back and ass on display as she peeked over a shoulder holding a phone. While naked women weren’t her thing, and not the hard-and-sweet pounding sex that she was still hoping to discover for her own release, these photos were giving her a vicarious thrill in seeing these seemingly fun moments moments in time. Breasts, masks, sneaky public shots and more intimate images of well placed sheets and body parts scrolled over her screen. Until one made her stop.

Another artistic selfie. A gorgeous mirror in a curving frame decorated with subtle filigree filled the image. A bit of carpet and wall peeked from the edges and glints of soft lighting made interesting highlights and shadows. But she wasn’t interested in the Masked Lady’s mirror or decorating tastes. What stopped her finger from scrolling was in very sharp focus in the silvery glass of the mirror.

The spread pussy of the Masked lady. Not just a glance, not strategically hidden. It was a shining, proud beacon. Slick fingers to either side spread moist lips, exposing the core, drawing the viewer in. The Masked Lady was clearly aroused, the rest of the smooth creamy skin had a sheen and the viewer could almost feel throbbing through the screen. There had been a create up to this moment, cascading and flowing, and a need to capture it.

That’s what worried Myra. Her pussy was strongly responding to the “need to capture it.” When she clicked into the porn site, she wanted to see the glory holes, then had a desire to watch some more realistic hot action and then get herself off. Now, she was captivated by the Masked Lady, whose gaping pussy was still shining out of her screen almost beckoning.

Why post that picture? Hell, why take it in the first place? Under the image, the caption was a simple emoji, red faced with sweat drops and a tongue with the hashtag #pelfie. What was that? Another curious click and the screen filled with more thumbnails, each with a pussy as a clear element. This went beyond the Masked Lady and a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, ages, and poses were displayed. Some masks, some faces. Some frontal shots, some from behind. Some hairy, some trimmed, some completely shaved. Mirrors, timed shots, classic selfie poses. Dozens of women sharing intimate looks at themselves. “Pussy Selfie.”

Captions went beyond the simple ‘hot’ emoji with lewd or inviting or sweet comments from the posters. “Its soooo wet xxx” “Bury your face in it :p” “my beautiful flower”…

Myra trembled as her finger hovered over her sensitive button. A different wave was starting to create as the reality of these photos set in. 7321 likes, 331 comments. 5210 likes, 245 comments. 6000… Thousands – thousands! – of people had seen these pussies. Hundreds had taken the time to type in a opinion. “My god, I’d eat your pussy all day” “such a cute butterfly!” “Mmmm, would love to bury my face in that pppppp” Who were all these people?

The posters and the viewers, all seemed to toss off modesty and jump in with both feet. Into the wet, coursing… her fingers stopped hovering and got to work, caressing and sliding along her slick folds. Plunging a little here, pinching a little there, pleasuring.

“I would worship your pussy.” Not really something that would normally get her going. Certainly not something she’d want a stranger to say to her. Now those 5 words, those few characters typed out by one stranger in response to another stranger’s photograph of her pussy from below with the caption “Can I grind this on your face until I cum?” triggered something. Over 4000 people clicked the ‘like’ button, over three hundred had commented. I. Would. Worship. Your. Pussy. I’ll grind this on your face until I cum. You will worship my pussy.

Three fingers plunged fully into her sopping wet pussy. They curled and thrust, stretching the warm tunnel which clenched back against the writhing fingers deep inside. The palm of her hand rubbed against her clit as her breathing got ragged and low moans began to escape her lips. Her pussy and the internet were a dangerous pair.

She trembled as her finger hovered over the shutter button. “I’m not like this” battled with “I’ll grind my pussy on your face til I cum.” That argument between the little voices in her head was getting lost in a rushing torrent of lust. “Do it! Take a picture! Take a picture, ‘it’s soooooo wet!’ Make them worship YOUR pussy. Send the Masked Lady a thank-you and show her your pussy.” “No! It’s my beautiful flower. I’m going crazy. What if someone finds out?” “You’ll grind your pussy on that face til you cum.”

I. Would. Worship. Your. Pussy. Why was that winning the argument? Why was she shifting her body to her own full length mirror, positioning her hips so she could watch her fingers slide in and out of her pussy? Why was she looking at that framed through the camera app on her phone. She pressed the shutter button. Her pussy and the internet were a dangerous pair. She came. Hard.


Myra trembled as her finger hovered over the submit button. She would have wondered she would have obviously deleted the picture – or pictures and videos, as it turned out – and chalked the whole thing up as a weird one time thing.

Obviously she would simply delete and never review those filthy pictures and videos. She would obviously never take the time to edit, crop, and adjust them so that her gorgeous pussy was perfectly framed and enticingly displayed.

It was so obvious that she’d never go back to that dirty social media site and would very obviously never ever build an profile for herself. Obviously that profile wouldn’t be used to browse and like posts, obviously it wouldn’t begin following maskedcouple33 or subscribing to a #pelfie feed among others. It’s obvious that she wouldn’t leave any comments on any posts of strangers wantonly exposing their privates.

And so, of course, it was super obvious that the pussy on the screen of her phone, lighting her face and the wall of her bedroom, wasn’t part of her first ever post on that site, which obviously didn’t have the caption “Grinding Time :p #pelfie”.

With all of that said, it was extremely obvious that the ‘Submit’ button that was beneath her hovering, trembling fingers, would never be pressed so that thousands of strangers could see her, lips spread by shining fingers, inviting their worshipful comments.

Comments from strangers on the internet. Comments about her pussy. Her pussy and the internet were a dangerous pair.

NSFW: yes

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