A coworker pounded my (F) ass at the party (real story)


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Based on real events. No names.
That happened not so long ago, when we’ve been having a party at the office after work (a birthday of one of our team members). I was tipsy a little but not much, and I got involved in a conversation with one of the guys working with me.

It all began as a flirt but he was obviously dropping hints about finding a place to have some fun. I agreed, so we moved to one of the rooms that was empty already (most of people left the office after 6 pm) and had no CCTV.

He made me bend to the table, licked me, put on a condom and penetrated my pussy. It was gentle, not as I like (I prefer it hard). After a few minutes his cock accidentally came out of my pussy, he tried to put it back, but he was a little drunk, too, so he stuck it in my asshole instead. For a few seconds he didn’t even realise that, and I said nothing, because I wondered he’s doing it intentionally. After he found it out, he asked if it’s okay to continue like this, and I said yes. It was a little painful because there were no lubricant except his saliva and my pussy juice, but I love it that way.

He didn’t expect me to be into anal so much, and all this situation made him incredibly horny. The guy just went crazy and pounded my ass so strong so he finished in like 3 minutes. That was too short but still good.

NSFW: yes


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