A couple of lads in Wetherspoons [MMF]

Went out last night with Hubby and in-laws, so was dressed conservatively ( for me) Anyway, I went to the bar to get drinks halfway through the night when I ended up next to two young guys in tight white shirts, they looked disappointed when I replied that I was with my family, to their offer of a drink. So I decided to treat them.

I asked one to stand at my side and one to remain in front of me so only the bar staff could see anything, (if they had been watching) I then pushed my hands down each of their waistbands so I could feel their Semi hard cocks harden to my touch. In less than a minute, I felt one of them exploded in my hand, the force and quantity of the cum was amazing, as was his face! So I withdrew my cum covered hand, and raised it to my lips and sucked his young virile juice off my fingers.

I looked at my hubby, who had noticed the two guys and winked as I pushed a hand under my waist band and into my panties, inserting a cum covered couple of fingers inside me, as I told the two guys how I could feel their cum inside me on my fingers and asked them if they wanted to fuck me.

Obviously they were excited, so I told them to wait 5 minutes and then follow me upstairs (why are Wetherspoon’s toilets all the time upstairs) I walked over to hubby with the drinks, making sure I brushed a handful of cum on his hand so he understood. Then went up the stairs to the toilets, obviously the ‘boys’ didn’t figure out the timeframe and were already there! Willing and horny. I pushed them into the gents and squashed into a cubicle, I could see their hard cocks straining their trousers, so I lifted my skirt and pulled off my thong, their trousers were quickly pulled down and I was presented with two throbbing cocks waiting to be played with. One of the boys tried to kiss me, at which point I told him this wasn’t a date and placed my hands on the cubicle door and thrust out my hips, he understood quickly as I immediately felt his pulsing cock enter my pussy, I love the steely firmness of a younger cock and their eagerness to fuck, and pushed back onto the young buck as his friends hands began to roughly pull on my tits. I moved sideways, keeping the lads cock inside me, and bent forward to take the second cock in my mouth. Neither cock was gigantic, but their youthful energy was awesome, after a very short time, I could feel the guy inside my pussy was gonna cum, his cock began to pulse and his thrusts increasing so I tightened my pussy muscles, determined to get every drop of his cum inside me, as with all young studs he didn’t disappoint, the force of his cum was magnificent, I could feel jet after jet shooting inside my pussy, filling me up. The sheer force of his cum hitting my pussy walls made me cum on his pulsating cock and my sounds of pleasure around the other guys cock, clearly had the desired effect as my mouth was suddenly filled with hot cum, so much I was gagging on the quantity as my pussy was still being filled!

As the two withdrew, I ran a finger up my soaking pussy lips, and drew it across their lips as I stepped back into my thong, and then pulled down my skirt and walked out of the toilet and rejoined my hubby and his parents. My pussy was still throbbing and leaking cum as I sat down, a little flushed but thoroughly satisfied. A little time later his parents went to the bar and I led his hand into my panties and told him about my fun and he felt the hot sticky mess in my thong, which he cleaned out later that night.

NSFW: yes

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