[55] [MF] what a pleasant surprise – Short Sex Story

It was only a few days after Emma received her broken Firestick that I went to visit, only to see something I’d been dreaming of for a while. It was a warm day so I knew the patio doors would be open. I wondered I’d use the side gate and sneak in the house thinking Emma would be pottering around the house. I went in very quietly to try and surprise her but she wasn’t to be seen. It was only when I’d entered the living room I could hear sounds coming from upstairs so I carried on further. I got to the top of the stairs and looked over the banister to see inside her bedroom. Thankfully the door was slightly open and to my surprise I could see the tv and more surprising there was two naked female bodies clearly enjoying themselves. The noise was obviously coming from the tv but in addition to the moans and groans a buzzing sound could be heard. Intrigued I made my way onto the landing and took a peak through the crack in the door. And that’s when I realised what the noise was. Emma was laid naked on the bed with her legs wide aside and her hands working her favourite toy between them. Rather than spoil the fun I stood there for a while longer and watched as Emma got more and more turned on by the spectacle on the tv. She was rubbing herself quite vigorously arching her back and caressing her right breast with her left hand. The view of what was happening before me was such a turn on so I quietly put my hand down my jeans and started to rub myself. It wasn’t long before the sight of the two naked females bucking and writhing on the screen, along with the sight of Emma reaching her own orgasm, that I came too. Not to let Emma know I’d been watching I quietly made my retreat downstairs and waited a couple of minutes before making myself known to her. She quickly came downstairs and greeted me with her usual smile and just said hi.
I’m hoping to have a repeat of the event soon but next time I will be brave enough to make myself known and hopefully we could enjoy the tv together.

NSFW: yes

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