[55] [MF] pt2 partners treat – Short Sex Story

It was Wednesday morning just after our usual WhatsApp exchange of wake up messages. This time though I received one further message just before Emma left for work and from what I could tell it had a video attachment.
Still in bed I opened up the message and launched the video. It was the one I’d been anticipating since two weeks earlier. It started with Emma in the front room doing a slow strip tease looking straight at the camera. Slowly she stepped out of her jeans before removing her top. She looked over her shoulder and I noticed that the room curtains were still open. I couldn’t believe what happened next. She turned back to the camera and first removed her bra to reveal her beautiful naked breasts. She then slipped her hands into her knickers and proceeded to pull them down bending over as she removed them from the floor. Always she was revealing herself with her back to the room window. When she bent over she must have shown everything to anyone looking in from outside. Wow I wondered she must be so horny that she’s not even bothered about anyone seeing her.
Next she went to the settee, now showing her front to all, picked up her dressing gown, put it on and moved towards the camera before the video cut to the next scene.
The next part of the video was familiar. She was laid naked on her back on the lawn with the camera between her legs giving me the perfect view. I remember from the previous weekend all what happened but this time I’d got the best seat in the house, well garden to be more precise. The video unfolded as I remember, first the lubricant placed around her pussy lips and then with the two fingers inserting lube inside her open vagina. I could see everything now, her swollen lips, the clitoris as she rubbed at it and finally her sex which was wide open lovely and pink. Next she put lube on the new vibrator before placing the tip against her lips then as before looking straight down the camera slid it all the way in.
Wow this was hot and it wasn’t long before I’d got my own toy out to play with. I fished out my fleshlight from the bedside cabinet along with my own lube. Still watching Emma on the video, plunging the vibrator between her legs, I placed some lube into the fleshlight and around the tip of my very hard cock. Without the lube it would be difficult so I was glad I’d got some in. Lubricant has certainly got it’s uses, not only the fleshlight comes out but when I have a bit of back door play with my butt plug. That story is for another day though. Here I was watching Emma slide her new best friend inside her, at first slowly but as she neared orgasm the rhythm picked up. I’d pushed my rock hard cock into the fleshlight pumping it in and out to the same pace as Emma was pushing the toy inside herself. I couldn’t keep my eyes from the video and wondered to myself what if someone had been watching. She said the neighbours were out but what if it wasn’t a neighbour and maybe some other visitor in one of the gardens had seen it all. The wondered excited me and just as Emma reached her orgasm I exploded inside the fleshlight, pushing it hard down onto me to catch every drop of come.
The video ended there just like it did when I announced myself two weeks earlier. Emma must have stopped it and hidden it along with her toy.
I was spent and just laid there in bed thinking about what I’d just witnessed.
I messaged a simple “thanks” back to Emma. Her reply came back “your welcome and I hoped you enjoyed watching it as much as I did making it.” She signed off with “until the next time” followed by a kiss. Honestly I couldn’t wait until the next time.

NSFW: yes

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