[52M] How I lost my Virginity

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NSFW: yes

Had someone ask this in DM’s so wondered I’d distribute for all.

I was young (18) and very naive. I worked at a Dunkin Donuts and there was a girl who was 29 who I worked with. I had all the time wondered she was cute but I was naive and very shy like I said. One day she asked me if I’d like to go to the movies, the drive in. I said yea, I’d like to but have to check with my parent’s. Got home and then wondered maybe my friend would also like to go. So I called her and asked if that’s be ok, she was slow to answer but then said sure. My parents had given their ok for me to go. Luckily, didn’t know I was lucky, my friend couldn’t go so she came to the house to pick me up around 7 or so. I was really nervous and was having a hard time talking because I couldn’t think of things to say. She did most of the talking as we drove to drive in. So we get to the drive in and park, set up the speaker. She says ‘ let’s move to the backseat. It’s more comfortable without the steering wheel. I’m like sure, not thinking one thing sexual at this point. Just how naive I was. Anyway, movie starts and I’m thinking we’re gonna watch it. After a bit, she asks me if I’d like to kiss her. I was scared asf but yes I wanted to. So we kissed, just lips at first then she used her tongue. It was my first French kiss. We kissed some more and she asked if I wasn’t gonna touch her. I couldn’t say anything was so nervous. She took my hand and placed it on her tit and said for me to go ahead. She then asked if I was a virgin and I said yes. I think this excited her. She was smiling really big now and pulled me close to her. She started rubbing my hair and arms, then back and sides, then before I knew it she was rubbing my hardness through my jeans. She then pulled back and removed her top and bra. It was amazing to see my first real tits. She asked if I liked them and I was mesmerized but nodded yes. She giggled a bit then and said to touch them. They we very nice. Not too big but very perky with eraser type nipples. Think that’s why those are my favorite to this day. She then started rubbing my dick again through my pants and asks if I wanted to take off my pants. She didn’t wait for an answer and just started taking them off me. So then I’m sitting there with just a tee shirt on and my cock sticking straight up. First girl to ever see my boner. Didn’t know what it was but I was wet with precum. She said like ‘nice’ or something then started undoing her pants and lowered them as well as her panties. Back then shaved pussies wasn’t a thing so I was looking at my very first hairy pussy. I couldn’t believe this was happening. She sorta laid back sideways on the seat and then asked me to come here. I moved toward her and she grabbed me and pulled me up so I was between her legs. Then she reached down and grabbed my dick and placed it at her pussy and I just knew what to do and slid into her. I’d never felt anything so amazing in my life. I started sliding in and out of her. I didn’t last long at all and came after just a few strokes. She was very understanding. And as a young guy is capable of doing, I didn’t go soft at all and was able to fuck her again. She came as well this time. After done, we went to concession and got some sodas and popcorn. Before the movie ended she also gave me my first blowjob. Which was also an amazing experience for me. So there ya have it. How I lost my virginity. Do you have any experiences you can tell me. Details as well? Got myself all worked up telling that. Lol

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