50m Mutial Masturbation with wife and friend goes farther…

My wife and I enjoy masturbating together. We do it quite often and enjoy it. We have several toys we use (we’re both Bi) and love watching each other.

Lately, my wife and her best friend started masturbating together when I was not available and she’s sure to give me all the details.

A couple weeks ago, they invited me to join them, but rules. They played on the bed, I had to play in my chair. Honestly, I didn’t have an problem with that at all. Seeing them play with themselves and purposely trying to get me off from afar is a gorgeous sight!!

After they cum a few times, if I had not cum yet, my wife will suck me off until I cum. Win-win!!

Tonight, things changed… we were in our spaces and playing, when her friend got up and walked over to me while I was naked, in my chair, stroking my cock. She came over, turned around, bent over spreading her legs. She looked back and told me to get a good look as this is the closest we have been together while masturbating.

I looked over to my wife, she was moaning and ramming her dildo into her pussy with abandon while using a vibrator on her clit. She was in her own world, but had enough sense to look at me and smile.

Next thing I know, her friend is on her knees with my cock in her mouth. OMFG… I almost came then!! Luckily, I had already cum twice earlier in the day, I was able to savor her mouth wrapped around my cock.

My wife at this point was Cumming again watching her friend suck my cock. I kept my composure and enjoyed this new mouth working my cock EXACTLY how i loved it. Someone was telling our secrets…

Before I knew what was happening, my wife came over, took her friends mouth off my cock, kissed her deeply and started sucking my cock. Her friend kissed me deeply while I felt her ties and started running my hand down her body wanting to put my fingers inside her.

My wife grabbed my hand before I got to my goal, pushed me onto the floor and she straddled my face. I love eating pussy!!! Her friend, not wanting to be left out, lowered herself onto my cock and I slid into one of the tightest, yet wettest, pussies I have ever felt.

I came instantly. I could not help it. But she kept me inside her and started grinding on my hips and it didn’t take long for me to get rock hard again.

She fuckef me silly. Never in my life has a pussy milked me like hers. I came again after another 10 minutes of her fucking me.

Meanwhile, my wife was Cumming over and over again on my face.

They are in bed waiting for me (and proof reading) to finish this post so we can go to sleep and see what tomorrow brings.

NSFW: yes

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