45m busbater – Short Sex Story

When I was in high college I use to love the ride home because I was the last one on the bus and the ride was long enough for me to pull my rock hard cock out and jack off . One day the bus driver stopped me when I was getting off the bus and said don’t worry I like cleaning up your mess it taste good. Then I figured I would just not say anything really but I turned bright red it was like well I hope you enjoy it then she said I do but I’d like to enjoy it more. About a week later she pulled the bus over stopped on the side road comes back to the back and got underneath and started sucking my dick and she said I’m gonna try something different look what you mean she said well just watch and she shoved two fingers up my ass while she was doing it and I was in love this used to happen for my Junior and Senior year in high college on the way home almost every day it was awesome

NSFW: yes

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