40M I got dick-poked in a bar bathroom by a “straight” friend

A straight buddy I flirt with has told me he’ll eventually fuck a guy up the ass. I believe him because He’s all the time horny and very dominant

We met for a beer two nights ago. I told him I’d be coming from the mall where I was getting lube and a new butt plug. When I got to the bar, we hung out, drank beer, chatted about the girl he’s messing with at the moment. Finally he told me to show him the plug I bought. Wasn’t surprised by that, he all the time does stuff like that. I opened the bag to show him and he grabbed it out of the bag.

I told him to put it back. He just smiled and waved it around. Then he said, “you should put it in now. I know you want to.” I did want to. He told me to go into the men’s room and put it in. So I did.

He came in behind me and said he wanted to see me put it in. I was nervous but I pulled down my jeans and shorts and lubed my hole and put it in. He just smiled. He asked me to spread my ass so he could see. So I did. Then he did something I didn’t expect. He pulled the plug out. Then he took out his dick and rubbed it against my hole, poking at it like he wanted to fuck me. He rubbed it around some more then stopped. Then he stuck the plug back in my hole and put his hard dick back in his pants and went back out to the bar. I jerked off when I was alone in the bathroom, thinking about his fat cock head against my hole, then went back out to the bar.

We had another beer. Then went home. We still haven’t talked about what happened. I’ve also jerked off twice thinking about it.

NSFW: yes

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