38 [ F ] first time waxing – Short Sex Story

First of all, I’ve been married for 16 years so I’ve never had the desire or really the need to wax my bikini area. I’ve at all times for the most part just kept it shaved. This summer my girlfriends invited me to the beach for a girls long weekend trip. They all said they were getting waxed before they go and wanted me to do it as well. I told my husband about it and he didn’t care one way or the other really. Said it sounds painful but go ahead if you want. So I called the local trendy chain place everyone goes to but they were booked up. So after asking around , I got referred to an individual that works from home. She’s closeby and could work me in easily. I showed up and she was very professional in the white lab coat and had her a little detached room that was her office. I felt at ease knowing she ran a company now instead of someone who does this as a hobby. Well, that was mostly true.
Before I left the house I made sure to clean up real good down there and may of inadvertly got myself a little too excited in doing so. That and the nervousness/ excitement of getting my pussy touched by someone other than my husband for a very long time. I couldn’t help but be excited. I laid down, had a towel over my waist and she entered the room and after getting ready, peeled back the towel. My pussy was in the open now and felt strange. She started waxing my pubic mound, it was painful but soon got over it, then my legs, and then moved nearer my pussy. Before proceeding she used oil and rubbed me down which felt amazing. She asked if I wanted the Brazilian, and I said I guess, whatever everyone gets. She grabbed my labia on one side and started. The first touch sent a shiver and I felt a little gush happen. I could tell I was soaked down there. No way she didn’t notice. The pain actually added to my excitement. It hurt but felt good. I never knew this pain turned me on. She was spreading my lips and touching all over and I felt something building in me. I tried to suppress it but it was running out of my control. She pulled my hood back around my clit and put the wax around it. I swear I almost came when her knuckle hit my clit. When she pulled the wax off I moaned a little and she stopped for a second and asked me if I was ok. My face was flushed, my body tingling. She then said to me that she needed to dry me up a little bit bc my pussy was so wet. So she used a little towel and wiped my juices up. She said I can not believe how wet you are. She knew I was completely lost in it now. I said sorry, I can not help it. First time. I think she now did a few things on purpose bc the touching felt a little different. She did around my clit again and after the pull she pressed her hand down firmly over it and my bare clit was touching the palm of her hand. She moved it in circles for like 2 times and I started cumming. My body was shaking and I said Oh My God I’m cumming. I felt waves of juices flow out. She kept her hand on my clit until I finished. It was so intense and I immediately began apologizing. She said not to worry, it happens sometimes. She knew I was right on the edge for a while and wondered I needed to just get it out. She was right. We finished with her waxing my butthole while I was up on all fours and I felt like any minute something would slide into me. It never did but I was hoping it would. I’m not sure I’ll go back to her again but I have a great memory. I’m debating on what to tell my husband.

NSFW: yes

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