38 [F] Bachelorette party – Short Sex Story

About 10 years ago my best friend’s sister was getting married. I was invited to the bachelorette party. It was at a little cabin in a trendy vacation spot a few hours away. My husband was fine with it all. A few girls in a cabin for the weekend.
Upon arrival, I noticed how “small” this place was. It was gigantic. Probably 9 bedrooms and a pool / suana / hot tub. And there were 6 other girls that showed up besides me and my bestie.. I didn’t know any of them bc they were her lil sisters friends. All around 21 years old. We were both almost 30 and married. These girls had brought a bunch of liquor as well. They were meaning to party.
Friday night was pretty calm. We sat around and talked , drank a few. Next day went shopping. Saturday night was a different story. We started drinking and there was a knock on the door. The girls excitedly ran to it. 3 very good looking men walked in, dressed very sharp. I wondered why would these girls invite their boyfriends here. Then the one girl Ally, shouted that the entertainment has arrived. Me and my friend looked at each other stunned.
We went into the big living area and the guys started dancing. I was already halfway drunk after doing lemon shots earlier. We all were clapping and cheering. It was all pretty clean up to this point. We were drinking more and more and the guys stripped down to a little ” banana hammock ” that barely contained their manhood. Which were all insanely large. It looked obscene almost how big they were in those things. A few of the girls were grabbing their junk and one of them pulled their underwear right down to his ankles. His semi hard prick sprung out into the open. It was very thick and curved and had a giant head on the end of it. A girl grabbed it and started jacking him while he danced. It was getting crazy in here. These girls were wild. I had no idea. The other two dancers approached me and Angela, my BFF, who were both sitting a little farther away from the action just watching. Their thinly covered cocks were put in our faces while they danced in front of us. We were laughing and excited both the same. One guy left while one stayed. He has us lay on the floor with our heads side by side. He got down and straddled over us both , rubbing his panty covered dong over both our faces. Then he pulled out his cock and rubbed it across our faces as well. I was trying just to laugh it off and say to myself, this was all in good fun. This is what guys do with strippers, right? He paused over my face with his hardening giant cock hovering over my mouth. He was poking it at my lips. Obviously wanting me to open my mouth. I kept squirming around so it wouldn’t. Then he switched over to Angela and did the same thing. She opened her mouth and took him inside. He was thrusting in her mouth as she lay there with her head beside mine. I watched her suck him as he pulled up and then open wide when he thrust down. I was shocked and turned on watching her suck some strippers giant cock. Also, she was taking him entirely down her throat. I didn’t know she could do that. His giant balls bouncing on her chin. He reached over and put my hand on her throat. I felt it going in. I could feel my pussy tingling. I was soaked I knew. He stood up and walked around back to the middle of the room. When we stood up. One of the strippers were gone and two of the girls were gone as well. It was the one who was getting jerked off. I’m guessing two of the girls went to fuck him.
I needed a break from all the craziness and we got our suits on and went to the hot tub while the party was going strong in the living room. Me and Angela were talking about how this was crazy and how I can not believe she sucked that giant dick. We continued drinking and was very very drunk now. The stripper that was on top of us came out to the hot tub area naked with his giant cock swinging between his legs. Without saying much of anything he got in the water with us. He asked if we were having fun and asked to see our tits. We pulled our tops off and he got close to us both and started rubbing our tits. Didn’t ask, just did it. Through the bubbles I could see his cock head poking up out of the water. He was fully hard now playing with our married tits. He stood up and put it eye level with both of us. It was gigantic now, as big as my forearm. Angela took right to it, sucking him again. He pulled my head in as well and I still didn’t want this strangers cock in my mouth, so I reached up and grabbed his shaft and started pumping him into Angela’s mouth. I played with his big balls with my other hand. Angela’s hands were under the water playing with her pussy. The scene was straight out of a porn. His cock was huge in my hand. Barely fitting around it. He pulled Angela’s bottom half up out of the water and ripped her bottoms off. Started easing his fat cock into her pussy. She held it open for him. I couldn’t believe she was about to get fucked by a stripper in front of me. Sucking him off was one thing, but this was crazy. I leaned back and started playing with my pussy. I pulled my bottoms off and rubbed my clip while watching Angela get pounded. He was really fucking her hard and she started shaking and cumming. She was screaming OMG OMG I’m cumming. I don’t think she had ever been fucked like that before. He was watching me rub my pussy while fucking her. He pulled out and approached me. I was so drunk and so horny now, I spread my legs and motioned for him to fuck me too.
I felt his gigantic cock go inside me and kept going. It was at least 10 inches long. It was hitting things that have never been hit. A different feeling entirely. I was getting fucked really hard by someone not my husband and didn’t care bc of the way it was feeling. I think I came immediately but pulled him all the way in and told him to fuck me harder. Angela came over and started playing with my tits while he fucked me. She started tongue kissing me too. I was sucking on her tongue while she played with my tits as I was getting completely pounded. I felt a gigantic orgasm building like no other before. He was in my stomach. I felt my orgasm release and I was must of been squirting or something bc I was cumming madly. I was soaked like he came inside me but he was fucking me with a faster rhythm now and I was still cumming. I wanted to swallow Angela’s tongue in my mouth. He pulled out and sprayed cum all up my stomach and tits hitting us both in the face. It was a gigantic load. I’ve never been fucked like that before.
Found out the next day, Angela’s lil sis , the bride to be, got fucked as well by one of the other guys. So everyone has been sworn to secrecy to this day.

NSFW: yes

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