37M. I got choked by an erotic masseuse and I loved it.

Visited Hamburg last December and decided to get an erotic massage. The body to body type. Both of us were naked and she did her thing. It was an hour long massage and as the time I paid for was coming to an end, she wanted to ensure I walked away with a happy ending. She started stroking my oiled cock vigorously. I had a steady boner for an entire hour and I wondered that I would ejaculate as soon as she increased the intensity with which she was handling my cock. To my surprise, and maybe hers too, I was not ejaculating, close to it, on the edge, but not there yet.

She looked at me, smiled mischievously and grabbed my throat and started choking me. That mischievous smile turned into a dominant evil smile for a brief moment. She must’ve had her hand against my throat for about 10-15 seconds and then suddenly let go.

The moment she let go, I burst. It was probably the most I ejaculated ever. If I recollect correctly, I might have even quivered for a few seconds after I came. She cleaned up my cum, leaned into me, planted wet kisses on my throats, smiled and walked away.

I don’t know what I enjoyed more, the eroticism of a naked lady rubbing her body against mine or absolute submission to her when she choked me. Either methods, good memories.

NSFW: yes

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