37F dom girl. My first story. Not for everyone – Short Sex Story

37F here. Please note that this has all been agreed upon before hand. And this is my first time sharing, just to tests the waters.

I invited her over to my house for tea, she is surprised why I would invite her as we are not really friends, we just know each other through friends, but she said what the hell and came over, she sat on my couch and we begin to have a typical chit chat and talk about numerous things, I have a well decorated house with lots of light, after a while of drinking tea she starts to feel her eyes getting heavier and she has no idea what is going on. And she feels dizzy while looking at me and seeing my smile in her face, and she pass out,

she comes to and open her eyes and see she is in a very dark room, and she is hand cuffed up to a dirty steel frame bed. Her legs are wide open and her hands are on the bed post above her, and she see me standing above her naked looking down on her. I begin to rub her lips with my feet and shoving my toes in her mouth, giving her a feel of what Is about to happen,

I then kneel down next to her face, hold her face with a strong grip and spit directly in her mouth, and spit again on her face, she starts to cry coz she feels so humiliated so I slap her face hard and tell her that she is my whore now, and she have no call on what is about to happen to her. I raise myself up and place my pussy on her lips, rubbing it on her lips and nose, grinding on it, sort of riding it back and forth, then I lift myself up a little and shove my asshole on her lips.

Forcing it down and rubbing it against her lips. I then get off and spit on her face again, and then place my pussy directly over her mouth and nose and push myself down on her hard so she can’t breathe, I stay like that for a while so she can’t take it anymore, and just before I feel she will pass out I lift myself just a little bit so she can take some air, and just when she open her mouth wide to take a breath of air I begin to piss in it, making her gag and choke while she still try to breath, I love to hear her gag, it’s such a turn on, once she have a mouth full I sit back on her face so she can’t spit it out, she have no choice but to swallow it.

After she swallows the piss I raise myself again and piss all over her face and hair, then I take 3 fingers and shove them in her mouth, taking them very deep in, I hear her gag and struggle as I begin to fuck her mouth with them going back and forth with her spit running down her chin. I then take the three fingers and go down between her legs, and I shove them in all at once with deep force inside her pussy, as deep as they can go, and begin fucking her pussy and spreading the fingers while they are inside.

Once I see her pussy is starting to become red and swollen I shove another finger in with force, and keep fucking it with all fingers inside. Once I feel she had enough I take the 4 fingers out and shove them deep in her mouth, and gag fuck her with her own juices, I hope she have no gag reflex or it will make her puke. Or maybe I hope that she dose.

Then I l untie her legs and tie them above her head to the bed post so her ass is sticking out, I get three fingers and violently shove them in her asshole without warning, deep inside, she can try to struggle but they are going in as deep as I shove them. She better not bleed or I will make her clean my fingers up, I keep fucking her asshole for a while then unexpectedly shove my whole fist in her pussy, all 5 fingers with the knuckles. While my 3 fingers are still inside her ass.

I love to hear her screams and moans and she is begging me to stop, it will only make me go faster and deeper. I know that its painful but that’s why I love it, I keep fucking both her holes until she have no choice but to cum. Once I feel her body shivering with cum I shove a 4th finger in her asshole and fuck her even faster and harder. Her screams and pain moans sending shivers down my pussy.

NSFW: yes

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