[36F] When I was a personal trainer

I used to work as a PT when I was younger and i would I wear a lot of sports bras that really flatter the quite monstrous cleavage I have lol, they’re more yoga sports bras so they didnt have much padding or support. We did have business tshirts as uniforms but we’re allowed to take them off in summer as it gets super hot here in summer

When I would spot the guys on their exercises, there were times my chest was a little in their faces and I could tell they sometimes got a little softie when I’d touch them. Their eyes also were glued to my body. Eventually, I started every now and then taking a clients number but only if he wasn’t gonna be training with me anymore as that would be very unprofessional

Some guys even get their friends referred to me as a thank you and I’m even considering having fun with two together. Something ive never done but would love to

NSFW: yes


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