[36F] My love affair while I went camping and my friends date watched

I went camping with friends over the weekend, My best grilfriend and 2 guys

Once we set up the tent, we did end up having a few drinks and setting up a fire to cook some BBQ that we had got on our road trip. This pretty much kick started the fun as me and my friend started teasing the guys. As we kept partying on through the evening things started getting pretty sexually heated. Everyone was totally drunk at this point and we started going down on the guys. My friend and her date decided to use the tent to have sex.

I was getting way too horny not to do anything and ended up giving the other guy fuck me eyes, I couldnt help it
, Watching them was turning me on like crazy and I could tell tell it was the same for my guy friend. I got on top of him and we started fucking right next to them.

This probably went on for a solid 2 hours before I took a short break and realized that my friend had recently passed out falling asleep. Her date seemed a bit upset and was literally sitting there hard as rock with a sad puppy face.

I’d never do anything to betray my friend so while we were already doing it i guessed with the guys being friends he just decided to watch. We all got in our sleeping bags and my guy friend passed out. Before falling asleep my friends date told me if i ever wanted a 3some hed be down but ive been brave enough to take to real dicks, Ive had dildos and dicks but never two real dicks in me

I felt so horny, satisfied, and turned on that I ended up masturbating one last night in my sleeping bag before falling asleep! Thinking back to the situation I do feel really proud of being able to be a good friend.

NSFW: yes

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