[36F] Getting with my date in front of a girl who fancied him

Me and my date were at a party and this girl was hitting on him ALL night. Just sly, subtle comments, commenting on his muscles, his hair… well basically everything. She kept making him drinks and not offering me any. I eventually snapped and told her to leave him alone. Anyway, fast forward me and my date went into the hot tub outside, and started fucking. I was leaning against the edge and he was fucking me from behind. A few minutes in, i look to my left and SHE is watching us inbetween the patio doors. I carried on and turned my head to kiss my date’s neck and i whispered ‘shes watching’ so he whispered back ‘we will give her something to watch’ he then bent me back over, grabbed my hair and fucked me SO hard and deep, making me moan so loudly. He didn’t make eye contact with her at all, but I did. I kept smiling at her while moaning, making her even more jealous that I have what she can’t.

NSFW: yes

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