[36F] Getting 2 anal creampies while at a wedding

I was at my friends wedding recently and seeing my frinds and their family was lovely but for me the highlight was having butt full of cum from my plus one when we snuck off

In the early morning before the hair/makeup/etc., I had my plus 1 give me a thick anal creampie and then immediately inserted a white crystal buttplug to keep the cum in. I kept the plug in my ass with his cum in me for the entire wedding, I couldn’t stop thinking about how slutty I was being. During the dances I whispered in his ear that I was gonna be his anal whore all night and could see him awkwardly try to hide his erection during the dance!

After the wedding cake was cut I whispered in his ear that I was extremely desperate for a second load in my ass so we ran off to the bathrooms and I got a second anal creampie, and I immediately put my buttplug back in.

NSFW: yes

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