(34M) NYC never disappoints (19F) – Short Sex Story

Last weekend I flew into NYC for a meeting on Monday. Now typically I do these meetings online but my business insisted I go there so I was like why not.

Now before I flew in, I started swiping on Tinder with my location in NYC. Not long after I got matched with this cutie. Let’s call her Kayla. She was about 19. Blonde. Petite figure. Cute face. B cup tits. She was staying in Brooklyn but went to NYU. Since I was flying in the evening, I asked her to meet me for dinner.

I got to my hotel and changed really quickly to meet her at this small restaurant she suggested. It was in Brooklyn so I ubered there. When Kayla showed up in blue jeans and a black top. It was clear that she had no bra on. Anyways a quick hug and a kiss and we go in to eat. All through dinner, she kept bending over to show me how there is no bra and that her nipples were hard. She kept trying to play footsie with my dick knowing fully well that the effect on my dick. I was already hard looking at her tight petite figure.

We ate quickly and got out. As soon as we stepped outside I pulled her in for a kiss. Public kissing is very hot to me (screw people who get uncomfortable). She melted in that kiss. She asked me quietly if we can go back to her place instead. Who am I to say no? Turns out the whole reason was that she drove there and had to move her car. We got to her car which was parked in a garage there. It was an empty floor so I decided to make my move.

As soon as we got there, I grabbed and pushed her against the car to kiss her. Hands roaming on her body. She had a tight little ass and I had to give it a good spank. I slowly grabbed her hair while kissing her and made my way down to her neck. Kayla started shivering as she got a bit too excited. I opened the door and got in the back seat with her. We kissed a bit more and lifted her shirt to suck her tits. She was rubbing her hands on my hard dick and asked me if she can see it. As soon as I pulled my dick out I saw her licking her lips. The whole 7 inches with plenty of girth. Quickly she got to work and started sucking it. It was barely fitting in her tiny mouth but this girl kept at it.

There was not much room in her car so we decided to get back to her place to continue this. As soon as we got to her room, she dropped down to her knees and got back to work. Slowly taking my dick in her mouth and almost choking on it. I put my hand on her head and started pushing it more and more in her. A few minutes later, I told her to get up. It was time to taste her pussy. I picked her up and threw her on bed. Came up to kiss her and unbuttoned her jeans. She had a black thong on which I left there. The sight this was. White skin Kayla in a black top and black thong laid on bed. Her thing was glistening with her juices. I slowly pushed it to a side to discover a dripping wet clean shaved pussy. Her pussy tasted so good.

A few licks and she cums again. I held her down and continued eating her pussy as she came. Then came a whisper “please daddy … put that thick brown dick in me”. Shit I almost came just hearing that. Quickly I moved up, moved her thong apart, slapped my dick on her pussy a few times before pushing my dick in her. I wish I fingered her a bit before because she was really tight. Even with her pussy being dripping wet I had to push it in with all my power. I was barely able to fit half of it when she moaned in pain and pleasure. I slowly started fucking her tight little cunt. Kissing her. Biting her neck. Slowly choking her as my dick continued to open her pussy up. Every now and then she will moan “daddy” and I will feel my dick getting harder and harder. Something about this girl. I knew I won’t last long if she continues that.

With one more slow stroke in her, I pulled out. Quickly flipped her, and pushed my dick fast and hard in her. She let out a enormous scream as my dick ripped into her pussy. Not waiting for her, I pulled her hair back, and gave her ass a good few smacks. Making her scream with each smack. Leaving her white ass red with my hand imprints. It was time to be rough with this slut. I started pounding her pussy faster. Ripping it up with every shove. Pulled her up by hair and kept a hand on her neck as I continued to fuck her. She came twice during this but I continued fucking her. I wondered about anal but changed my mind. Kayla already had a very tight pussy and got broken Hard by this rough fucking. I pulled out of her and flipped her her again to go back missionary.

All this got her red in the face. Her body was covered in sweat. She looked very subdued. I came up for a kiss and she whispered “I loved it daddy, let’s see if my pussy can finish you off” and with that she took my dick and guided to her pussy. I helped her push it all the way in as she came up to kiss me and whispers in my ears “don’t pull out daddy”. This is all I needed. A few more minutes of pounding her, I pushed my dick all the way in her before erupting inside her. Rope after rope i filled her tight pussy with my thick cum. When I pulled out, Kayla quickly scooped some out to eat it and then covered her pussy again with her thong.

We cuddled until she was ready for round 2. This time she was fully naked. I ended up spending the night with her and fucked her again the next morning. We hooked up daily before I left (cracked that ass as well).

Got a few pics on our outings in the city and Hamptons.

NSFW: yes

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