33F Snuck in Public Jacuzzi and Orgasmed

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NSFW: yes

It was hot this week. 90s on a Monday. I had a long day at work and I needed to relax and release some work stress.

I decided to go to my friend’s apartment and use their pool/jacuzzi. I snuck with some food and found a table. Ate my dinner, had a drink and decided to go cool off in the pool. It was nice and refreshing. Haven’t been in a bathing suit in a long time. Immediately I could feel my nipples harden since the water wasn’t as warm.

After a while, I felt a bit cold and decided to jump in the jacuzzi. It was so nice to be in there even though it was still warm out. I even turned the bubbles on.

At first someone else was with me in there, but she eventually left. I could feel the jets first on my back then I realized it started grazing near my butt then slowly down to my inner thighs. Slowly the jets started pounding my pussy. At first I was a bit alarmed and didn’t realize how close it was to me and how it made me jump.

Then I realized how amazing it felt. I slowly leaned back again and let the water ripples graze my inner thigh to my pussy again.

I had to reposition myself a couple of times since the bubbles kept pushing me away. After a while I realized turning around and facing the jets was much better. At this point I could feel each push from the water on my clit which is my sweet spot. I looked around and no one was in the jacuzzi with me and everyone else was occupied in the pool. There was a bunch of moms in the nearby table chatting but no one was paying attention to me.

I could feel the water pounding on my pussy to the point where I wish someone would come and begin playing with my breasts under my bathing suit. It was so exhilarating. I started playing with myself with one finger and started rubbing outside my clit area and slowly to the center. I could feel my entire body going into orgasm and I could feel the rush in my clit.

I realized I had my eyes closed and my body position in the jacuzzi was a bit odd with my legs spread out sitting there. I didn’t care. It was an amazing stress relief. As I got out and started walking to dry myself off I realized how wet I was that my bathing suit was extra wet down there.

Cannot wait for more summer days.

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