32f living out her 19yo fantasy with a twist…

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One night i told my husband about a crush I had when I was 19 and how I randomly look him up and still discover myself attracted to him. We talked for ages about how sexy it would be to get in touch with him and understand if he was interested…

I now discover myself waiting in a bar, sitting in a couples booth waiting for him to arrive. I’m wearing nothing but a silky dress and black heels. I’ve dark lipstick on and sexy perfume. I sit with a clear view of the front entrance, nervously sipping on my second wine.

A man walks into the bar, tall and handsome. He does a quick scan around the room and spots me. A devilish grin passes over his face as he makes his way towards me. He pulls me to my feet and greets me with a small kiss to the cheek. He asks what I’m drinking and steps off to the bar. I watch as he confidently walks off, watching the shape of him move.

We talk for awhile, small things. Then I ask a burning question, why didn’t you ever make a move when we were 19? You explain that you view yourself as a “good guy”…

A few drinks later I ask if you’d like the chance to be the bad guy for a change. Instantly your whole demeanour changes, and knowing I have a room upstairs you stand and tell me we are leaving, now.

The elevator ride up I could feel the electricity building between us, but we don’t touch, not yet. I open the door and he is instantly on me, hand into my hair pulling my face upwards to his and his mouth.

The intensity was so much we had to pull ourselves aside and take a breath. He takes this opportunity to slide my dress straps down so my dress slides off my body into a heap on the floor. I tentatively reach for his shirt buttons suddenly feeling shy, standing in front of a man that wasn’t my husband… he watches me as i undo his shirt.

Once his shirt joins the pile on the floor he picks me up and we move to the bed. He puts me at the foot of the bed and now I’m level with his pants. He starts by undoing his belt buckle and the zip. I pull them down and his dick springs free.

His hands are back in my hair as I lean forward and take him into my mouth. Within moments he is shaking and said he is about to come, I pull back a bit and I taste some precome in my mouth. He kneels down and kisses me again, I smile knowing he can taste himself as i push my tongue into his mouth.

He pushes me back onto the bed and spreads my legs wide and trails his fingers tantalisingly up my leg to my already wet pussy. He pushes his fingers into me and I let out a moan. His tongue follows the trail of his fingers and is soon licking my clit. I moan louder as he fingers me. It’s not long before I feel the beginnings of an orgasm and I encourage him to go faster.

As I come he pulls us both up higher onto the bed, he kisses my stomach and both my breasts, my neck then finally ends up kissing my mouth. There is so much urgency in his kiss. I can taste myself on his mouth. He pulls my leg up so he can slide into me.

We both let out groans of pleasure and he starts to push himself in and out of me. I’m so turned on and wet that it isn’t long before I begin to orgasm again. He pulls out and flips me onto my stomach, pulls my hips up and pushes back into me. He starts off slow, then builds up and I push my face into the bed to stop myself making too much noise. It’s an amazing feeling having another man inside me, and thinking about the fact it isn’t my husband fucking me an orgasm starts to create. I can feel it getting stronger and filling my whole body, I cry out not to stop and I hear him groaning with effort not to come. I finally feel the release of a body trembling orgasm and let it fully wash over me, filling me up. I hear him say he is gonna come as he pulls out and comes all over my ass and it drips down my pussy. I reach behind me to taste his come and watch him as I put my fingers to my mouth.

Suddenly the door to my room opens and in strolls my husband. I had no idea he knew what room I was staying in so he takes me by surprise. I pause with my fingers in my mouth, then slowly drop them to my side. Watching him to see how he reacts to this situation. A man has just ficked me and covered me in his cum.

My husband walks towards me. Biting his bottom lip. He takes his belt off as he walks. He takes my hands, without saying a word and straps yhem together with his belt. The other man steps to the other side of the bed nervous look on his face, still half erect.

My husband whispers in my ear that I’ve been a dirty little slut and needs to be taught a lesson. He pulls his pants down enough for his cock to spring out, he pushes me back onto the bed and forces himself into me without a moments pause. He uses the juices left by the other man to push himself easily inside me. He keeps pushing himself in hard, all the way in. I try to kiss him but he doesn’t let me. The other man all but forgotten for the moment. I can tell my husband is close after awhile and he pulls out of me and grabs my head and pulls me to his cock. He tells me to lick the other man’s cum off his cock so he can fill me up again. I obey without hesitation. I suck his cock until he is shaking. I stop. He pushed me back puts his cock back in me and cums hard. I feel every inch of his cock pulsate as he fills me up.

We are both panting from the effort as he falls beside me on the bed. We both glance over to the other man and see he is ready to go again after seeing the passion that has just passed between us. I look at my husband and he just smiles… it’s gonna be a long night after all….

NSFW: yes


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