31 [F] sex enhancing gifts

Soo. Me and my partner decided to gift each other sexual gifts prior to our date day on Saturday. The idea was to give each other something that was lead to a mind exploding night after out date.

Funnily, he gifted me a pleasure spray, and I got him a blue pill, I wanted to go for rounds, and he expressed he wanted me to “be left twitching”. Well, this was incredible, after he popped the pill he sprayed my clit with the pleasure spray and went to work. We partake in oral regularly so this wasn’t a new thing pleasure I was experiencing, but after about a minute I was biting my pillow, I looked down and could see his ass raised, so new he was ready to go to work after I came. This seemed to rush my orgasm along, and I screamed with pleasure, so much so I was a bit scared to leave the house the next day incase the neighbours had heard. We ended up going for 3 rounds after before I couldn’t cope anymore, legs shaking, pussy pulsing. Was a great night, but if anything it’s made me hungrier for more lol.

Anyway, that was my story, hope it wasn’t too boring

NSFW: yes

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