29 [M] She pegged me

So it finally happened. I finally was able to get pegged and it was one of my best sexual experiences to date.

I have a FWB that I have become fairly regular with. Up to the point that we are very open about sexual desires and have began to experiment a little with each other. I mentioned previously that I am very interested in ass play and we have been slowly building up to this wonderful day. A finger or two here or there and a tongue have been all we have tried but I was ready for more. We planned an afternoon one weekend to meet up and I felt it was the perfect time and wanted to make it a nice surprise for her.

I prepped myself and waited for her to arrive. She rang the bell and I buzzed her up to my apartment. My heart fluttering a bit as I knew this would be a new experience.

She knocked on my door and I let her in with a big smile. She closed the door and we immediately dove in for a tongue deep kiss. Followed by the usual “how are you” small talk as we walked to the bedroom. Before we entered, I told her to close her eyes because I have a surprise. She gave a giggle and placed her hands over her eyes as I grabbed her hips and guided her through the door in front of me. I clicked the light switch on and told her to open up. It took her a second to realize but her face lit up when she noticed what was going on.

On the nightstand I had a nice sized strap-on, butt plug, and lube sitting out. She turned to me and it was on. We began kissing passionately as we scrambled to remove our clothes. Our hands tracing each other’s bodies in between taking an article of clothing off. Before we knew it, we were running our tongues over the other one’s while our naked bodies connected. My cock grew hard and I could feel how wet she was already as my hands grazed in between her thighs.

She let out soft moans as our kissing became more aggresive. Each time our lips reconnected, it just added to how badly we wanted each other. Our bodies were practically begging to fuck, asking to us to orgasm.

My lips began to make my way down her body. Tracing her neck with my tongue lightly as I kissed down it. Making my way to each breast. Kissing it tenderly, flicking her nipple with my tongue before giving it a playful bite. My fingers tracing the other nipple as it waits for my lips to make my way over to it. Eventually moving on down her navel and past her hips. My mouth stopping and hovering directly over her clit. My breathe making her moan in anticipation as I moved to her inner thighs. Kissing and tracing my tongue up and down her thighs until she was all but begging for me to taste her pussy.

We locked eyes briefly and I knew she couldn’t be teased anymore. I dove in and began licking her clit. Taking my time with forceful but tender licks, slowly building up my tempo as I feel her hands grip the back of my head. I’d bring her close, knowing the legs beginning to squeeze my head meant she was almost there. When I reached tbat edge I would drift my tongue to her dripping wet hole for just long enough to create thay edge back up. As her moans grew louder and more desparate, I knew it was time to make her cum. I sucked on her clit, keeping that pressure, while I ran my tongue back and forth over it. It wasn’t long before she let out a long scream and her leg clamp released. Her breathing was fast and shallow. Her eyes closed, head tilted back, and a soft smile on her lips.

Knowing how sensitive she gets post orgasm, I made sure to linger a bit just to drive her sensations wild. Pulling away for a second, I soaked in her naturally beauty after a wonderful orgasm. Only to place my hands on the back of her thighs and lifted her up a bit. Giving me enough space to dive my tongue into her tight ass. It was covered in the run off from her dripping pussy which only added to the fun. Her moans picked back up as I played with her ass. She loves getting fucked by my tongue. After a few minutes, all she could mutter was “your turn”.

I laid on my back and she laid to my side. We kissed deeply, our tongues entangled once more. She grabbed my cock while we kissed for a few short strokes before reaching over and grabbing the lube. She lubed up two fingers and began working in my tight hole. I let out a little moan as we kissed, her fingers inside me. She fingered me for a short while as we made out before she wrapped her lips on my cock.

She made sure to twirl her tongue on the head of my cock as she bobbed slowly up and down. Her fingers deep inside me as my cock touched the back of her throat. The pleasure was intense and I was ready to take it to the next level. As she continued to work my cock, I reached over and grabbed the butt plug and lubed it up. I pulled her back and slipped it in to continue to loosen my hole. She smiled as she watched it go in and leaned back in for another strong kiss.

As we kissed, she straddled me and slipped my hard cock inside her. She was so wet after fingering me. Her hips began to thrust as my hands explored her body. Her tight wet pussy felt amazing on my cock, especially with my ass filled. She leaned back and my hands grabbed her tits as she bounced up and down. I could tell she was yet again close to cumming and I wanted it all over my dick. The pace increased and the bouncing turned to grinding on my cock. Her moans increasing in volume as she climaxed again while riding me. She leaned in for a tight kiss and smile a big grin. Without saying a word she hopped off and grabbed the strap on… it was time.

As she fastened the strap, I removed the plug and assumed my position bent over the bed. She lubed up the dildo and again added more lube to my ass with her fingers. She then gave my big ass a smack and began guiding the dildo into my hole. I took it all and let out a loud gasp. It felt nothing short of amazing to be filled up. She began thrusting, slowly at first. All I could focus on was the feeling of the dildo thrusting in and out of me. She was letting out soft moans, fully enjoying this chance she had to fuck me.

As I became more comfortable, I let out a “fuck me harder” whimper. She picked up the pace and my cock grew harder with every thrust. I reached down and was beginning to stroke myself as she fucked me deep and hard. I was moaning loudly as she continued pounding my ass. I felt the orgasm create and I stroked my cock and this submissive feeling I have not yet felt rushed over my body. I whimpered to fuck my tight hole over and over as she fucked me more aggresively. She kept asking how much ai loved her cock. All I could dribble out was yes I love this cock, fuck me harder. My strokes matched her pace and I finally couldn’t hold it any more. I released a gigantic load all over the floor along with a big whimper. Her pace didn’t slow as the second and third ropes left my dick. She finally thrusted one last time deep inside me before pulling out.

At this point I was weak legged and breathing heavily, collapsing back into the bed. That was one of the strongest orgasms I have ever had. She smacked my ass and then laid down next to me.

We cuddled for a while just talking about how fun that was. Eventually we kissed a bit and she was on her way. Turning with a big smile and a wink as she walked out the door, knowing she just changed my life.

NSFW: yes

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  1. NoConnection247

    Very hot! Glad you got to try one of your fantasies. Sounds like it went well! Lucky guy!

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