(29 F) Traveled Mumbai to Dubai and got surprised by a massive load because of interfaith kink of muslim men.

So for the context I have been with muslim men before and the guy who got me into interfaith, is still with me.
And we’d seen his few friends(muslim of course) too.
So I was traveling to Dubai around 20th, so as he knew I’d be there he shared my details with a guy in Dubai and didn’t even care to tell me.

So i reached Dubai around 11 pm and as I got out of the airport looking for my cab, I saw a board with my name on it, so I wondered it might be for someone else and I walked by and the guy called me out and i stopped and he came to me, I was surprised and was asking him about who he is n all, and he came near me and whispered to me “Hindu slut your friend has sent me, I’d been looking at you and him from years now” And I was just shocked at what happened so suddenly.

So he walked me to the car and made me sit with him, and i called my friend about what was this, and this guy besides me started touching my thighs and holding me hard as I called him and he picked and was like how’s the gift, and how he met this guy online and they’ve been talking about me, and afterwards he says have all the Muslims anyways I can see people from work and rest of the time he’ll break me as I was there for 3 days.
And cuts by saying I’ll tell him what you did recently with an unknown muslim man and then we’ll see if you’ll come back to india Or stay there only 🤣.

So that’s how I made a new owner of mine and had HUGE loads seriously HUGE and loved my stay in Dubai.

3 days of stay and a lot of humiliation, degrading, golden showers as soon as I get to the room.

Loved it!!!!
Don’t want to write much as I’ve just returned last night, if anyone wants to know you can ask here please don’t flood the DMs👉🏻👈🏻

NSFW: yes


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