28m with 29f Back Yard Fun

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NSFW: yes

It was later in the evening and I was just finishing up mowing the lawn when I recieved a call. I dug the Did you phone out of my pocket to see that it was Sarah.

:Hello ” I answered. She replied in her normal bubbily voice ” What are you up to?” ” Just about to finish up yard work.” I responded. ” Well if you are still up for business, I can pick something up to eat or something to just throw on the grill.” “What ever you want to do is fine with me.” “Okay, I’ll see you in a few” She giggled and we hung up.

About an hour later I hear her pull up and I have her pull her car in the garage. We have a mutiual friend and a few coworks who live near me and randomly stop by, so I didn’t want them to know at the moment. The guys had already been nosey about who I was going on a date with Friday night.

She got out of the car wearing a simple pastel green tshirt dress. She smiled and said ” Do you mind helping me grab the few groceries out of the front seat?” I knodded and opened the door to grab 3 bags. She followed me from the garage into the the kitchen where I sat everything down. I turned around grabbed her waist and gave her a kiss. “What did you grab us?” I asked. She smiled and she began to pull things from the bags” Well I figured you to at least be a steak n potatoes kind of guy. I grab us both a steak, some little red potatoes, and some fresh summer squash. Not to mention some cookies for dessert and a couple of things for breakfast in the morning. Well that’s if you decide to keep me tonight.” I chuckled “I think I can manage you for another night.”
“Sit down and relax.” she said. I watched her rummage through my kitchen for the things she need to prep our meal. It was pretty funny, she was frustrated at my organization and the fact she couldn’t reach everything she needed. I offered to help, but she refused. After about 15 mins, she was done. The steaks were marinating and the veggies were cut, seasoned and in a pan ready to throw on the gril. I stepped outside to started the grill and she followed behind me with the food.

I cleaned the grill while she sat down at the table. She then gave me instructions for cooking the veggies and to let them cook for a minute before throwing on the steak. I got the veggies in the grill and sat down beside her. We talked about the weather and the yard for a moment. Then out of the blue she asked. “What something you’ve always wanted to do?” I pondered the question for a moment. “Well I’ve always wanted to go to the Grand Canyans.What about you?” She stared blank for a moment and said ” I’ve always wanted to drive accross the country from coast to coast.” “Well, maybe we can do that some day together” I replied. ” I’d like that.” She said.

I got up to add the steaks to the grill and as I sat down I asked “What’s something you’ve always wanted to do sexually?” Again she gave me a blank expression. She then said “It’s not really what it’s where.” “Explain?” I asked. “Well outside of the bedroom. Like you know as a teen you’d fuck in the back seat and you’d get a rush?” “Yeah” “Well that feeling. As strange as it sounds, I want to be in a bed of a truck or in a field while it rains. I don’t know why, but I do.” I smiled” There’s nothing wrong with that, you like what you like.” she smiled back at me “Okay big guy, what about you?” “That’s easy” I replied. ” I want to try one of the 365 books. The ones were is is a new position every day. Just to try different things.” ” Soa book of 365 different positions in different places would be perfect.” She giiggled. “Exactly” I said as I flipped our steaks.

A few minutes later dinner was done and we sat down to eat. We had typical small talk then we cleaned up when we were done. It had just gotten dark outside as we finished cleaning. I grabbed two claws out of the fridge and said why don’t we watch the stars. However, that’s not what I had in mind. I lived right outside of city limits so I had a pretty big yard and there were tons of trees between my house and the neighbors.

I grabbed a blanket and turned off the patio lights on the way out the door. I layed the blanket in the grass by the edge of my patio. We laid down and gazed at the stars in the sky. Sarah pointed out some constellations. I gave some crazy names and pointed at groups of stars. She laughed and said “You must have like watching the clouds as a kid.” I rolled on my side, “How did you know?” She turned her head and smiled “You have a bright imagenation.” I laughed and leaned in for a kiss. Her lips were so soft and sweet.

I scooted in closer to her and whispered “What about here?” her eyes opened wide. “What if the neighbors see?” ” They won’t unless they are looking with binoculars, but isn’t that the point. As a teen we are always on the edge about getting caught. That’s the feeling you are searching for right? And even if they do see us they will just get a good show.” “Okay, on one condition. We google a random position to try.” “Deal.” She reached for her phone and google random sex positions. ” I need two numbers 1-10.” she said ” 7 and 3″ I replied. After a minute she flipped her phone. It was a position called HERE. I smiled and pushed her over on her back.

I climbed over her and began to kiss her. I felt her hands reach up my shirt and she began to pull it up. I sat up and removed my shirt. Then pulled her up with me to remove her dress. To my surprise she was wearing a matching white lace bra and panties. They were thin and left nothing to the imagenation. I reached around and unsnapped her bra. She let it fall then pushed it to the side. I began kissing her again as I ran my right hand down her inner thigh. My fingers danced over to her panties and slid them to the side. She was already moist as I began to play with her clit. At that moment, I felt her hands unbuttoning my pants. She then pulled my boxers down just enough to expose my hard cock. Her soft hand gripped my cock tighter and tighter. After a few minutes of this she pulled back from our make out session and said ” I can’t take it anymore I need you inside me.” I stopped “Okay, do you want to try the new position or work into it.” “Let’s start with something new” She smiled.

She got on her knees, put her hands behind her back as she laid face to the blanket. I mounted her from behind while taking her wrist in my hands. Her warm wrapped around my cock was the best feeling in the world. I started slow and got fast with ever strid. Her moans got loud and louder each time. My cock was throbbing and just wanted to let go. I wasn’t ready quite yet I really wanted to enjoy thing. I pull out, let go of her hands and before she could realize I was under her. I pulled her down on my face. Her juices were so sweet. Once she realized she adjusted herself, put her fingers in my hair and proceeded to fuck my face. She was grinding and fulling enjoying herself. Before I knew it she pulled my hair, let out a big moun as she squited all over my face.

She was still dripping as I pulled out from under her. I cock was throbbing still. I didn’t know if I wanted her mouth or to try and make her cum again. I picked her up, slid her down on my cock and proceed to carry her to the patio table. Before I sat her down I gave her a few good pumps, but I wanted harder. I sat her on the table while wrapping my hand in her hair. I pulled her hair, then leaned in and whispered “I’m sorry, but I can resist you.” I immediately began to thrust fast and deep inside of her. I could hear her holding her breathe. As I was just about to finish, she let out a soft moan, he pussy was pulsating as I exploded inside of her.

I let go of her hair and she smiled. I looked down, her legs were shaking, and she was dripping onto the patio. I shook my head as I smiled and looked up at her. “Two birds one stone.” I said “One hell of a throw” she added. I grabbed our clothes and blanket before grabbing her hand to walk back into the house.

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