[27F] Tagged along on a company trip with my BF only to cheat on him


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My bf and I were at the hotel pool. My bf and I were swimming around and there were a few other groups of people there, including 5 guys. My bf wanted to watch a baseball game so he ditched me to go have a drink at the hotel bar and watch the game.

I moved to the jacuzzi in the corner of the pool area where I still had a view of everyone there. Two guys from that group came into the jacuzzi and started making small talk. They were both tall and hot, but I was more drawn to Dave. I pretty much knew from the moment I met him that I wanted to fuck him. We continued to chat and flirted slightly. I felt a bit intimidated with all his friends being in the area so I just subtly told him I’d be at the hotel gym in the morning.

The next morning before my bf even woke up, I go to the hotel gym. I’m there for a little while before Dave shows up. We chit chat and flirt while working out. I learn that he’s still in school (I was 22 at the time). We finish our work out at the same time to take the elevator together. When we get into the elevator he leans over to me. We make out heavily and he’s grabbing my ass. I tell him to take me to his room and he tells me his friends are in the room. I tell him I didn’t give a shit.

His friends were still very much hung over from the night before and we slip into the bathroom, making out as he pulls my yoga pants and thong down to my thighs. I tell him to get a condom. He tries to convince me to just go bare, but I’m a slut, not stupid. He wakes one of his friends up asking for a condom and I guess some of the others catch on with what’s happening. I hear giggles and chatter from the other room.

Dave shuts the door waving the condom in the air. He quickly slips it on and he bends me over the sink. I look up at him through the mirror as he fucks me from behind. He eventually takes a seat on the toilet and I begin to ride him there. We make our way onto the floor where I continue to ride him. We both eventually orgasm from this and we hop in the shower together.

Of course when I step out, Dave’s friends all have shit eating grins of their faces.
I go back to my hotel room all showered and back in my gym clothes. I told my bf at the time that the gyms have nice showers and he was none the wiser.

NSFW: yes


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