(27f) I got dicked down in a strangers house last night


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Last night I posted on here about how I was gonna have my first hookup since I broke up with my ex (fuck him).

Since I’m single and in a new city by myself I wanted to let loose and get fucked. I met a guy when I was out for drinks and I was tipsy enough that I’d bang him. He’s 10 years older than me and he brought me back to his place.

I sucked his dick on his bed and he made me cum like 5 times. It was rebound dick so I told him to go hard. I got my hair yanked and slapped, we done missionary for a while and he choked me and spit in my mouth, then back to him doing me from behind. He only lasted like a min giving it to me how I wanted and then nutted in me. Kinda meh.

I did record an audio and take pics of his cock in my mouth that I almost sent to my ex though.

NSFW: yes

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  1. Ben_DirtyTalker

    Well, you could have asked him for a second round to get a longer rebound… I am sure you would have managed to get him hard again…

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