(26f) I sat in the middle of four men and they came all over me


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I was hesitant to write about this because I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. It was an intense experience.

Last night Sir decided that I needed to be humiliated. He stripped me of my clothes, and he edged me for what felt like hours. I was begging him to let me cum when there was a knock on the door. He untied me and had me answer it, completely nude. Of course I did, regardless of how incredibly horny I was, and how embarrassing it was.

There were four men at the door and they looked at me with lust. Sir was behind me and he invited them in. One grabbed my ass as he walked by me and I almost squealed from his touch. I was so turned on, and confused, and surprised by everything.

It all happened so quickly, that I didn’t have time to think. Sir put me in the middle of them and told me to kneel. They surrounded me, one touched my hair, another put his finger to my lips, they said I was so beautiful, they complimented my body. They made me feel sexy and desirable.

Just moments before I was on the edge of orgasm, and now surrounded by men I didn’t know, touching me and complimenting me. It was so much it was almost overwhelming. I just kneeled there as they took off their pants. They were already hard, and suddenly I felt very exposed again.

I didn’t know what was gonna happen. I wondered they were gonna use my body, I almost welcomed it. I was yearning for their touch, and to be fucked. They stood so close to me, their cocks inches from me as they began to jerk off.

They looked at me with such lust, and desire. They told me to beg, so of course I did. I begged for their cocks, I begged to be fucked, I begged to suck them. They were so close to me I couldn’t even see where Sir was. All I could see was cock and their smiling faces.

One of them rubbed their cock on my face, I opened my mouth but he teased me. He rubbed my lips with it, I stuck my tongue out to taste him. I was so caught up in how desperately horny I was. I begged to taste more. I begged them to let me please them.

One put my hand on his cock and I jerked him, another put his cock in my mouth and I sucked him. Another touched my hair, and another squeezed my tits. They called me a sexy slut, and good girl, and cumdump.

They praised me and degraded me. They used me and touched me. I stroked them and sucked them. They took turns with my mouth and hands and I was constantly pulled one way or the other.

I felt amazing, and exposed, and humiliated, and sexy, and so horny it ached. I was so wet I was making a mess. They even pointed it out to me and laughed at how horny I was.

It was so much stimulation that when the first shots of hot cum hit my face it didn’t even register until I realized he was grunting and moaning. They all cheered, and shortly after another load of cum splashed in my hair and onto my forehead.

They kept going, stroking their cocks while I sucked, or rubbing my face with them, touching my body. Then came another load right in my face and I moaned. It was so hot and thick and felt so good I couldn’t help it. It was what I deserved.

Moments later came the last load of cum. It was so thick, and there was so much. He made the sexiest moan as he painted me. I opened my mouth as it covered my face. I wanted it, I wanted to show these men I didn’t know what a whore I was for their cum.

I felt like just another fuck toy, like a thing to be used. Just kneeling there between them, covered in their cum while they dressed, and talked about how hot I am was so exhilarating. I can not explain how it felt.

I was humiliated, but felt so sexy, but embarrassed at how horny I was and how I got so into servicing these random men. I looked at Sir who seemed satisfied, and that just made me feel even more incredible.

He walked them out, and then when he returned he had me finger myself to orgasm as he stood over me and watched. He stroked his cock over me, but no matter how I begged he wouldn’t give it to me. I gave myself so many orgasms as he watched me.

That was the real torture. I wanted him so badly, but he denied me. It was humiliating to beg him, but finally he gave me a reward. He added his cum to the other men and there was so much, and I came so hard as he gave me more.

It was all so amazing.

NSFW: yes

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