(26f) I had to earn $20 from stranger at the fair, and did a little more than I needed to for him


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When my Dom took me to this fair I wondered it was gonna be just an typical date. I had no reason to think otherwise, and it wasn’t that uncommon for him to take me out on typical dates.

After we walked around together for a little while he told me that he had a task for me. I found myself curious, nervous, and turned on all at once. He said that I had three hours to earn $20 by whatever means necessary. Then he walked away from me, leaving me there alone, and having a mild panic attack.

I am so shy in public without him, and I had no idea what I was gonna do. I must have spent the first hour walking around alone trying to figure something out. After that I tried just asking random people for money awkwardly, but no one wanted to help me. I don’t blame them.

I was losing hope towards the end, and I was so scared I was gonna disappoint Sir. I was starting to really panic when I spotted a guy all by himself. He seemed a bit down, but I found him to be cute and approachable so I decided to try with him. I needed to use a different tactic, though, and try to be social.

I walked up and struck up conversation. He was shy at first, but admitted that his friends ditched him. I lied and said mine did too, then I offered to walk around with him. He agreed, and we walked around together making idle conversation.

Eventually we got on line for the ferris wheel. I love ferris wheels and this one was really big. I knew it would give me some alone time with him to get what I needed. Atleast that was the hope. When we finally got in the little car, and started moving, I asked him if he could loan me $20 so I could get home.

He was not happy about that, and asked if that was why I approached him. I lied and denied it and said I wondered he was cute, but he still wasn’t giving in. So I resorted to begging. My time was almost up and I was so nervous, and worried I would fail.

I finally blurted out that I’d do anything, and I’d show him my tits if he wanted. He was surprised, but he didn’t say no. So I leaned forward, put my hands on his thighs and in my sexiest voice I asked for the $20 if I showed him my tits. He was nervous, but he nodded.

I was so relieved, I didn’t even care that I was showing a stranger my tits as I pulled my hoodie off, or that people in other cars might see. I made him hold my hoodie as I took off my bra, and then there I was, riding a ferris wheel, topless with a stranger.

I felt so exposed in the cool night air as this guy I just met stared at my tits. When he asked to touch them, I immediately agreed. I didn’t have to, I already got what I wanted, but I was so horny. I moved to sit next to him and he started playing with my tits. That’s when the ferris wheel stopped, and we were towards the top.

I dont know what came over me, but his gentle touches felt so good, and being exposed at the top of a ferris wheel had me so turned on. I just reached for his dick without thinking. I rubbed him through his shorts and he was so hard. He sat back as I undid his shorts and pulled his cock out.

I gave him a few strokes, and really enjoyed the feeling of his hard cock in my hands. It was so hot to the touch and firm, and his moans were so cute. I don’t knew what came over me, but I leaned over and started sucking his cock.

The ferris wheel started moving again, but I just kept sucking. I wanted to make him cum, I didn’t care that I was topless, or that people might see. I just wanted it. He kept moaning my name over and over and then filled my mouth with cum. I swallowed every last drop for him before finally sitting up.

It only took a minute or two to suck him off, and after I sat up I quickly put my hoodie back on, but I handed him my bra. I told him he could keep it, and then gave him a soft kiss. The poor guy was stunned. I had to remind him to put his dick away as the ferris wheel stopped so we could get off.

We said goodbye and I took my money and headed back to Sir. He was pleased with me and praised me for being such a good girl. I offered to tell him how I got it, but he stopped me. He said it didn’t matter, but he did notice that I was no longer wearing a bra under my hoodie lol.

I still cannot believe I did it. I’m so shy normally, unless I’m around my Dom. I’m sort of proud of myself for that.

NSFW: yes

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