(26f) He blindfolded me, tied my hands behind me, and left me on display to be touched and looked at

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I felt so humiliated, and exposed, and every little touch was more torturous than the last. I didn’t even know who was there, or how many. I was just told to be a good, quiet, girl, and kneel in the center of the living room.

They were all around me, talking, and laughing. I was just a centerpiece, or furniture. They weren’t even talking about me, they were talking about work, or the game, or whatever. It was humiliating, mot only to be exposed, but to be ignored.

Occasionally someone would touch me, it wouldn’t even be sexual, just brushing past me, and it was a rush. I would have to keep myself from gasping because I was supposed to be quiet. When someone did eventually touch my tits, or my legs or my ass it drove me wild. I had to bite my lip to be quiet.

Eventually the little touches turned into groping me, squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples. They moved from touching my ass to grabbing it, from tickling my thighs, to sliding fingers inside me. I couldn’t keep quiet after that. Every touch made me moan, and beg for more.

They would tease me with their hands and fingers, keeping me on the edge of cumming, but I never got to. They wouldn’t let me, they would laugh at me as I begged them. I felt so low and worthless as they teased me and tormented me. I begged for their release and they laughed at me. It was humiliating.

The whole night was torture, and by the end I was shaking, and so sensitive that it almost hurt to be touched. I ached for release by it never came.

After everyone was gone Sir untied me and had me finger myself to orgasm while he stood over me. I begged for his cock but he refused me. I did make myself cum, but it was not satisfying, I wanted someone else to touch me and use me.

It was the most brutal punishment I’ve ever received from Sir.

NSFW: yes