[26F] Completely Degraded and Used on a Company Trip

I travel a lot for work and was recently in New York. I met a guy on tinder and figured this story was way too hot not to distribute. I can’t stop thinking about him and all the stuff we did.

We were both pretty straightforward with our intentions when we started chatting. He told me he was very much into bdsm and experienced as a dom. I let him know I’m a complete submissive, like to give head, rim, interested in water sports, etc.

We decided to meet at his condo and jump right into it. I wore boots, a pleated mini skirt with a lacey thong, crop tank top with matching lace bralette, and my jacket.

When I arrived he let me in and immediately pinned me against the wall and started making out with me while feeling all of my features. Not long into that I was shoved to my knees and throating his nice cock. After 5 mins or so of blowing him and he turned around and shoved my face in his ass. He had me by the hair and was basically wiping his ass with my face lol. He was just as dominant as he claimed to be and I was loving it ! We decided to move things to the bedroom; he sat on my face for a while and then ate me out.

Things then took a turn that I did not expect. He spit on my face and then told me we needed to clean it off. I wasn’t sure what this meant but before I could think further he was dragging me by my hair and threw me into his shower. At this point he told me I’m a dirty little slut and he was gonna clean the spit off my face with his piss. He started pissing on my face and demanded I open my mouth and swallow some, which I did.

He then asked if I had ever done rope play which I hadn’t. He brought out a gaming style office chair and told me to lay back on it as slouched as I can. He tied my thighs to the arm rests, my ankles around the head part, and my hands next to my ankles. Never in my deepest imagination could I have wondered up such a degrading and unique position to be in. He rolled me onto his balcony and left me out there for a while as humiliation for anyone to see that might be looking at his building. After a while he rolled the chair back into and pounded me so fucking deep and hard.

I was untied from the chair and then tied to the end of his bed in a bent over position. He told me I deserve a brutal spanking for how much of a slut I am and asked about my pain tolerance. I said not great and that he should gag me so I don’t have a choice in when he stops. He ended up putting duct tape over my mouth and viciously paddling me with a large wooden paddle and a strap. I would’ve tapped out so early with how hard it was but obviously I couldn’t talk. Once I started crying he stopped that and began fucking me again. He then untied me and I blew him until he exploded in my mouth. His load was enormous as it filled up my entire mouth practically. He had me swish the cum around my mouth, slapped me, and then had me swallow and prove it was gone. I went back to my hotel and came probably 4 times just to the wondered of the night.

This has been my best sexual experience and I can’t wait to keep exploring and having more encounters likes these !

NSFW: yes

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