(25M) – My Wife Was Obsessed With Him! – Short Sex Story

I’ve came four times since last night which my wife finally confessed about her affair in details. She mentioned that she was having a tough time about 6 months ago and decided to change things around. Being a size queen slut, she went scrolling down her favorite subreddit, Huge Cock. An 8.5 massive pink cock caught her eyes. She sent him a message with a sexy nude, but he didn’t believe her and wondered she was a catfish. After that, she downloaded Snapchat for the first time ever in her life just to verify that she was real. They continued sexting for a straight month, everyday. He’d message her day and night. Even when he was working, and she made him cum once he was at work. He would send her videos of him jacking off and cumming for her. She’s save them, watch them a million times and cum a billion times. She told him that she’d swallow his load, a thing that she wouldn’t do with any other man. Furthermore, she begged him to be the first man to fuck her ass. She hates kids, but she told me that she’d have his babies, even if he wanted three or four. She was soaking wet the whole time, we fucked three times in a row just talking about the things they did and I wanna continue this…

NSFW: yes

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