(25F) Glory Hole addict


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Just a short confession to get this off my chest, everyone me and my boyfriend would argue big time I’d storm off and he’d think I went to go relax and cool off, but really I’d go down to the local glory hole 30 minutes away and suck off a bunch of cocks. Loved the feeling of their cocks pulsating inside my mouth while they cum feeling it twitch while they moan and grope me through the grabbing holes, something about feeling used by a man’s cock just turns me on so much, especially if I’m restrained from stopping them doing whatever they want to my poor little body, feeling powerless. Ughhhh I just love sucking cock! Being gagged by it unable to breath, getting dick slapped hard as fuck, feeling cock just on my face, love sucking a perverts balls while his floppy cock just rests on my face, fuck like yes BACK ME INTO A CORNER AND FORCE ME TO SURRENDER 😫

NSFW: yes

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