(25f) Cocksucking is the Highest Form of Devoted Submission

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NSFW: yes

A lot of people misconstrue what I mean when I say I am asexual I do not have the same drive or primal urge to be fucked or set an expectation of someone returning a blowjob by going down on me. While those can be exciting and enjoyable in the right moments they do not hold the same appeal as someone who holds my hand, lets me rest on their shoulder, and is there for me on a deeper emotional level. But that doesn’t mean I dislike giving pleasure. If anything, I prefer it!

My face is the most intimate part of my body. I wear a bra to support and hide my breasts. My pussy is hidden beneath layers of clothing. But my face, which I use to kiss, eat, breath, speak, is something that everyone sees. I genuinely believe that taking a man into my mouth or letting him sexualize my face for a cumshot or facial is one of the most vulnerable and degrading yet intimate things I can do as a woman, because everyone sees my face. Its what denotes me as a person.

Being a cocksucker is a lifestyle choice. It means choosing to please others because its more arousing and adventurous and requires a level of dedication that most women are not ready to offer; With sex I can bend over or lay back and have a man fuck me, but to be a cocksucker 75% of the time I am the one putting in the time, effort, and focus on pleasing and sucking a cock. It means being horny and wanting to be fucked, but telling that urge to sit down and shut up because my purpose is to suck cock.

A blowjob is such a selfless and intimate act that requires a steadfast devotion and dedication to the man’s pleasure. It means sometimes kneeling in an uncomfortable position or on a hard surface, or using every once of dedication in my soul to continue bobbing despite a cramping jaw or my own fatigue.

I adore the beauty of giving a man this type of pleasure. That gorgeous first glance as I get down or take his cock out, that says “Oh God, is she about to…”; or the tender caress of his fingers across my soft face and through my hair, which send such a gorgeous signal of his love and appreciation for what I do from him.

I love the type of blowjob where the sounds of my wet sucking permeate the room, growing sloppier and wetter as I go deeper, where my love for cocksucking manifests itself in how much saliva I produce, until its dripping down his shaft and balls, coating them in a wet slippery lather. I discover those nasty sexy strings of spit when I pull away and it stretches from my lips to your shaft in long, wet, warm strands that I can either slurp back up, or catch with my hand to stroke you with. I even love the wet gags that grow with intensity with each motion deeper against my throat, causing me to cough and sputter as I spits up snot-like phlegm that is thick and creamy from my throat.

I love sucking. Wrapping my tongue skilfully around the head and ridge, coating in in the flowing trickles of warm saliva, taking him into my mouth and pressing him against the soft silky warmth of my tongue and the wet rigid texture of the roof of my mouth.

Passion is about doing what you love because you enjoy it; and if it helps someone else achieve an orgasm, its even a more positive experience.

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