[24m] Two friends in the dark

Back when I lived in the dorms in school, my roommate was my best friend (both 20m in this story). We hung out constantly and there were basically no secrets between us, especially about the girls we were pursuing. It wasn’t at all uncommon for one of us to excitedly tell the other about someone they’d met, show the other her Instagram, debate who was hottest, if we had a shot… You know the conversations.

One night after we got back from a party we both attended, my roommate and I were… A bit not sober…. And clearly both extremely riled up. We were up until probably 3 am talking about girls, the girls at the party, the girls in our classes, etc. etc. etc., and the whole time my cock was craving stimulation. Eventually we turned off the lights and both climbed in our beds on opposite sides of the room.

Of course, that did nothing for my now aching, desperate cock, and I tossed and turned, feeling it rub against my bed, my boxers, everything. I was considering getting up and sneaking off to the bathroom when I heard a very quiet moan. I froze.
As I listened, it became unmistakable. The slide of a hand across a cock. Slightly ragged breathing. My roommate was definitely masturbating.

In my current state, I couldn’t help myself. If he was gonna deal with his arousal, so could I. As stealthily as I could, I tugged down my pajama pants and boxers and tenderly wrapped my hand around my full, needy cock. I couldn’t contain myself. I let out a little moan.

For a moment everything was still. I was sure he’d heard. My heart was racing. Then I clearly heard my roommate grunt along with the sound of rapid strokes. It was on for real.
For a couple minutes, we both fervently but secretively jacked ourselves under the sheets, stifling our moans. It was dark, but just a little moonlight filtered through the window, just enough that if I looked I could make out the sheet on my roommates bed pulsing with each stroke. I stole glances at his face, watching it as he masturbated. My heart raced at the wondered of him looking at me at the same time. Then he did.
Our eyes locked. It was dark enough we could probably just pretend nothing happened, roll over, go to sleep. But instead, we both stared for a moment, stroking gently.
I’m not sure what possessed me, but next thing I knew, I tossed off my sheet, letting my cock stand proud and throbbing in the moonlight. My roommate followed suit. We both lay there, exposed to one another, before our hands fell to work, both pumping ourselves with renewed vigor. Our moans were quiet but not hidden. There was nothing to hide.
My roommate finished first, his body convulsing and a steam of cum splashing out over his chest, and when he did I lost control myself. It was probably the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had.

We both lay there a moment, panting a little, unsure if anyone was gonna say anything. Then my roommate mumbled “goodnight” and rolled over.
In the morning, neither of us said anything. We went to breakfast at the dining hall and nurses our hangovers and went on like nothing happened. But I still think of that night any time I’m lying in bed alone.

NSFW: yes

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