24m fucked my mother in law..

I’ve never really told anyone but I’ve found my mother in law very attractive and I’ve all the time wanted what it was like to fuck her… well last night I finally had the chance and it was so amazing. I think I might also have a thing for much older women… my girlfriend went to the gym and I told her I didn’t feel like going today I was feeling really tired from work so she went with out me. I was in the room just on my phone waiting for my girlfriend to come back when my mil asked me to help her store some stuff in the cabinets… while I was I seen her bending over and her lace thing showing… I couldn’t help myself I grabbed it and told her she was showing she then asked me I wanted to see more so obviously I said yes I couldn’t help it! She started stripping them took me to her room where she laid down and let me fuck her like a little slut. Something about old pussy is just amazing I want more I want to do it again…. 👀🫶🏽🤭

NSFW: yes

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