[24F] I got stoned and walked outside naked

I live in a state where it’s extremely hot outside all year round. I did grow up in a clothing optional family and most of the time everyone just dresses minimalistic due to the hot temperatures. You won’t really see anyone walking around completely naked even though it’s fine to do so.

Anyways I got really high a few weeks ago when I was home alone. As my luck would have it the AC went out and it was getting way hotter in the house than it was outside. We don’t have any neighbors for like miles so I just decided to walk around naked to cool off. I only wore some shoes (no socks) to avoid getting hurt! I did have a backup so I could carry some water, snacks, my butt plug, and a blanket to lay down in.

I can get into pretty wild and daring moods when I’m high and I just enjoy the thrill and risk of doing risky things.

During my little walk I did discover myself stopping in order to sneak in some playtime. I did play with my tits, fingered my pussy, and at one point I was playing with my booty a bit too. I got pretty turned on so I decided to lay out the blanket and lay down. I but my but plug in my mouth to get it wet before sliding it into my ass. I started fingering myself and closed my eyes and just wondered about the last few one night stands I had. I put my legs up in the air and started fucking my self harder and faster over the next 20 mins. I ended up squirting quite a bit down my legs. I packed up the blanket and walked back home.

My legs were soaked and not only did it feel sexy but it cooled me down every-time the wind would blow by. I walked back into the house and went to my room to lay down! The AC was on and working.

A few hours later I talked to my brother about the AC and he told me all I had to do was to flip the breaker. It makes sense in hindsight that I should’ve tried this. But I was way too high to think about it at the time. The good news is that my stupidity did lead to an interesting outdoor adventure.

NSFW: yes

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