23f I administered oral to the boyfriend of my best friend.

Before her Halloween party, my closest friend and I got ready together. As we were enjoying a few drinks, she was telling me how her partner would constantly bug her about getting a threesome. She said she would be open to it but didn’t want to have sex with a total stranger. She informed me that all she wanted to do was watch another girl blow her guy, so I offered my services. It was first intended as a joke, but I told her I would be pleased to do it because I felt it would be a little entertaining.

That evening later:

When my closest friend grabbed me and led me to her bedroom, where her lover was lying on the bed with his parts off and his blindfold on, I was talking to a cute guy. I went over to the bed and just went for it as she grinned and pointed at his dick. His dick was of normal size. He was clearly aware that she wasn’t his girlfriend, but I would estimate that he was roughly 6 inches tall. He continued to press my head down against his dick, so I began sucking on his balls and jerking him off. He didn’t last very long, though. I got up, went to the restroom, washed off, and then went back outside to chat to the guy I had been flirting with earlier after he came on my face after about a minute. We had wonderful sex, and I ultimately went home with that other guy!

NSFW: yes

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