22m daddy fuck me

Take my cock you dirty fag boy.”
when you take your first cock. You’ll end up loving it. Just shut up and take my cock.”

I did my best to bite my lip and endure the pain. He pushed harder and inch after inch of his big cock disappeared inside me. I wondered I might pass out at some point. Finally, Daddy told me, “That’s it. It’s all the way in. You have 8″ of man inside your sissy hole.”

I moaned in reply. Daddy began to slide his cock back out, then suddenly rammed it back in all the way. I felt his pelvis hit my ass and I knew he was balls deep inside me. It hurt less this time. He kept repeating that action, and each time the pain lessened. In fact, each time he plunged his cock back inside me something began to happen. When he would bottom out inside me, he would hit something with the tip of his cock that made me feel sort of funny. At first it sort of made me feel like I needed to pee, but then as he bottomed out more and more I realized that it just made me feel good. Pretty soon I was moaning like a whore. My little cock was leaking pre-cum as Daddy’s big dick kept massaging that special place deep inside me. I couldn’t help it. I started to whisper dirty, nasty things to Daddy. “I’m your fag boy Daddy. I love taking your big cock deep down my throat and deep up my ass. I wanna ride on your big dick all the time. Fuck me with that big cock Daddy.”

Daddy continued to pound me out. My ass was no longer virgin and untouched. It was a gaping mess. The unmistakable sound of hard sex filled the room. As Daddy continued to use my hole, he let me know he was getting close. “Are you ready to take my cum? I’m going to blow my load deep inside you. Once you take another man’s load you are never the same. Your hole will crave cock and cum for the rest of your life. You will be my slut forever. I own you hole. Take my cock you dirty fag boy.”

His filthy words made me even hotter. I began to meet each of his thrusts in rhythm, taking his cock as deep inside me as I could. Suddenly he leaned down and began biting and sucking on my neck. His assault on my hole intensified, and I could tell he was close to cumming. I started to whisper in his ear, begging for his cum. “Please Daddy, shoot your load deep inside me. This hole belongs to you. Mark it as yours. I want your hot cum deep inside me.”

I could tell that this set him off, because he grabbed my hips tight and plunged his cock as deep as he could inside me. I wrapped my legs around him and accepted his gift. As he held me on his dick, I could feel hot streams of cum shooting deep inside me.

We stayed locked together like that for a few minutes before he finally rolled off me. We were both exhausted. A warm glow began to come over me. I was truly happy. I had found my purpose. I was supposed to love cock. My purpose in life was to get mounted by Daddy’s big cock like a whore. I began to drift off to sleep in Daddy’s arms. As I nodded off, Daddy outlined his plans for the future. “You will be my little secret fag boy. Whenever I ask, you will come and be a slut for my cock. The only thing that will matter to you anymore is my cock. Sleep well slut.”

As I nodded off, I thought what else Daddy had in store for me. I didn’t really care, as long as he kept filling me up with his big cock.

NSFW: yes

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