21T – My encounter with a curious couple as a trans girl

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As a trans woman, my friend approached me and suggested that I join her and her husband in exploring his desires for penetration by a trans woman. Despite my initial hesitations, my friend begged me to consider the opportunity, and I eventually agreed.

When I arrived at their home, my friend’s husband was clearly excited but also nervous about the experience. We started slowly, with me guiding him through the process and helping him relax and enjoy the sensations. As we progressed, he became more and more comfortable, and the pleasure he was experiencing was evident in the moans and gasps that escaped his lips.

My friend watched us from the corner of the room, and I could tell that she was enjoying the experience as much as her husband. She gave me encouraging looks and gestures, and her enthusiasm only fueled my own excitement.

As we reached the climax of our encounter, my friend’s husband erupted in pleasure, his body writhing with ecstasy as I continued to penetrate him. I could feel the waves of pleasure emanating from him, and I knew that he was experiencing something truly special.

Afterwards, we all sat together and talked about the experience, sharing our thoughts and emotions. My friend and her husband were both grateful for the experience, and I was happy to have been able to help them explore this side of their sexuality.

In the end, the experience brought us all closer together, and it was clear that we had all enjoyed the encounter in our own unique methods. It was an unforgettable experience that taught us all the power of openness, trust, and exploration.

NSFW: yes