(21)Step Daughter Pt.3

Once she told me there was more than that straight from the source I kinda froze, I asked if she was serious, she told me she’s so horny that she’s absolutely serious , with that I went down to the bottom of the bed and spread her thighs I saw her panties were almost dripping she was so wet, I grabbed them and slid them off she asked to go hand them to her, when I did she was like wow, don’t think I’ve been this wet in a long time.

I started at her thighs with kissing and licking both of them and eventually working towards her lil honey pot which was flowing with her juices by now, she smelled absolutely delicious as I moved in between her thighs towards her swollen clit, I flicked it with my tongue twice and she groaned she was cumming and not to stop, with that I pushed my face into her swollen kitty and slurped her juices and tongues her swollen lips, my tongue was between her lips when she came again, I could see and feel her kitty convulsing as I worked my tongue in her. I reached uo and grasped both nipples and continued to eat her and roll her swollen sensitive nipples between my fingers, my fingers were wet as she was leaking milk like crazy now.

I stopped rolling her nipples and continued to eat the most delicious kitty i think I ever had, she was dripping like crazy I was licking her juices up and as I was licking I licked her asshole, when I did that she screamed and said it was amazing, I went back and kept licking and she continued to cum as I licked her butt, I tried putting my tongue in but she was way too tight , I went back to eating the kitty and moved my hand towards her lil crack, I took my finger and started stroking her lil star, she was moaning and groaning I tried a few times to insert but she’s definitely tight, finally after 6 or 7 times and lots of her lube I pushed my finger in, she screamed and I held it still, after some heavy breathing and telling me to go slow she relaxed, I gradually started moving my finger ever so slowly and she started telling me she liked it, I continued this for probably like 20 minutes I then switched fingers, went to a lil bigger one with no issue from her. She was able to cum just from her butt being penetrated, every time she came her lil ass squeezed my finger.

We continued this for the next 1 1/2 months her boobs started really producing milk about half way through her 8 month. I was happy to help with her engorgement, it all the time lead to her being eaten, we she went for her 8 month check up the Dr. checked the baby then had her remove her top, she told her her breasts were looking good and did she have any milk yet, she told her yes, the Dr, then grabbed a towel and her areola and squeezed, she squirted across the room and hit me with it, the Dr apologized and gave me the towel, I told her not to worry wasn’t the first time. Then she told her probably at about three weeks away from having the baby, so get ready

We left shortly after she made her next appointment, once in the parking lot she looked at me and told me she was so horny we have to stop somewhere so I can get relief, I’ll never make it home, there was a park nearby that was pretty secluded with a pavilion and some picnic tables. I pulled in there by the time I stopped she had her panties off showing me how wet they were and almost ran to the pavilion, I was planning on having a good feast on her but she turned the tables on me, she raised her dress as she bent over the table, I kneeled down and pushed my face in her cheeks, as I was eating she pushed my head oyt and looked me straight in the eyes and said would you please pound my pussy. I must say I was surprised, with all if our playing I have never attempted to fuck her now she was absolutely begging me to, I was more than ready to I took down my shorts and plunged all the way in, she was so freakin tight and moaning like a lil bitch in heat, in no time she came, her pussy clenched around my cock as I continued to fuck her through her orgasms, after about 15 minutes of me pounding my step daughter I blew one of the biggest loads i probably ever shot, I totally flooded her tight pussy, as I was cumming I was spanking her and calling her a bad girl all the while leaving hand prints on her cheeks, she had squirted milk all over the table as I fucked her, finally I pulled out and she was literally dripping, I asked her to lay on the table and I cleaned her up really good.

Once home we continued several more time that night and then in the coming days, she took our relationship to the next level, she confided in me she wanted me to fuck her months ago but was too nervous to ask so she settled for our playing.

Pt4 soon

NSFW: yes

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