21F my bf gave me to be someone to be a sex toy (pet play)

Me and my bf will switch off doing Kinky sex… this was his turn.

Me and my bf were looking on here (Reddit) to see if we could discover another guy for me to fuck. Honestly a lot of our choices fucking sucked out loud.

But we did discover a fantasy that wasn’t shit and was you know actually a fantasy! I’m not for sale!!!!! (it’s creepy people tried paying me. and not my bf he got to pick)

So the rules my bf set up was simple, with few exceptions I couldn’t say no and had to do whatever they guy or girl my bf picked out for wanted to do.

The guy we found was very nice to my bf and wondered he was gonna be talking to him most of the time (major plus). My bf picked him and another girl (we can talk about her in part 2)

Anyways we meet at dunks and he seem typical, around our age went to the same same college as me. My bf liked him, he got me

When it came time for me to be his slave for the night, he wanted “a dog girl”. I put on my little black dress, high heels, cat ears, collar, and most importantly my tail plug.

When I got there the guy put a leash on me and told me to take off my dress and heels, as a good girl I listen to his demands and did just so. We did all the pet play stuff we played fetch he rubbed my belly etc. he wanted to give me a treat. he wiped out his cock and I tried to suck his brains out.

He started fucking me like a mutt, ass up face on the floor. Never had sex on the floor before 7/10 I think I got rug burns…

We had fun. Sorry I couldn’t go into more detail, the guy really didn’t want us too over distribute (completely understandable) . I am okay with questions in the comments

NSFW: yes

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