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Stepping onto the train felt different. I didn’t usually get to travel alone but seeing my parents wave to me from the platform and not join me was bittersweet. I liked their business but some days a girl just has to spread her wings and take a bit of a solo journey. I say a bit because it was still gonna be relatively supervised with my uncle picking me up from the station at the other end but for now I was on my own. I relished in this feeling as I stared at them out the window as the train started to move then I slowly turned away and reached into my bag for my book.

Pulling my book out with a sigh I had a enormous grin on my face. Not only did I have freedom but I also had privacy with the berth pretty much to myself. There was another lady seated when I’d walked in but her family came and collected her saying that the seat next to them was empty so she could sit with them, which I of course had no objection to. I put on my earphones and took a few seconds to watch the setting sun and the scenery passing by the window before I relaxed back into the seat and left the world outside the window to join the one inside my book.

That did not last long as I was distracted by the sudden rustling of bags coming from ahead of me. I looked up from my book and was greeted with a strangers backside as he bent over to slide his bags under the seat. I found myself mesmerized by his toned body but reminded myself that I was in a public setting and looked back down into my book before it became creepy. As he stood and dusted off his hands though I found my attention being drawn back to him over and over. He checked his phone then suddenly looked over at me as I withdrew my gaze. I couldn’t stop myself from blushing at the wondered that I had been caught staring and I tried to hide my face with the book as he lay down on the seat opposite me and started to fidget with his phone.

The sun had set and my book started to get interesting as I’d all but forgotten the brief non interaction we’d had. Immersed in the book world I was annoyed to be pulled out again as my earphones beeped for low battery. Tech these days has gotten quite needy at all times asking to be charged up again. I too had shoved my backpack under the seat and couldn’t get it out with the awkward reach under. So unfortunately recreating the scene I had witnessed earlier but this time from his perspective I stood up, bent over (constantly conscious of my butt), grabbed my backpack and stood up with a begin trying to get it over with as soon as efficient. I couldn’t help but imagine that he was staring at me the same way I was earlier.

I tried to keep these thoughts out of my mind and focus on the task at hand. I avoided checking behind me to risk another awkward situation as I had to spend the next 8 hours with this man. My heartbeat started to rise as I took out my charger dropping it on the seat and then I zipped up my bag and bent over again to put it back. It felt like an eternity trying to stuff it into the space below the seat but eventually it squeezed in and I turned quickly and sat down.

I took a moment to steady my breath and calm myself down as I occasionally glanced at him. He was still buried in his phone so maybe I was just driving myself crazy with my thoughts but it really felt like he was staring at my ass. I dismissed it from my mind and stood up again to plug in the charger. I wondered it would be a quick task then I’d be back to my book but unfortunately I struggled. Though the port and the plug were the same sort of pind the port seemed jammed and the charger wouldn’t go in. I heard a bit of a snicker from nearby and looked down at the man glancing up at my struggle. “If you think you can do it better be my guest?”

He sighed and stood up quick towering over me behind me. I turned to face him with the charger in my hand as I could hear my heartbeat rise again. The world seemed to slow down as he slowly leaned closer, took the charger from my hand and in one fell swoop reached over me to push it into the port forcefully. He almost made it look easy as it went in like a knife in butter. I felt my eyes close as I took a sharp quick breath as he slowly lowered his hands and drew away. His perfume was intoxicating and as my eyes open I was drawn to his waist where his tshirt was slowly lowering showing off the top of his underwear over his jeans. He flashed me a quick smile and simply said “You’re welcome.” Then the train suddenly jerked and I ended up falling down onto him as he was thrown back into his seat. We had another moment of silence as we both stared at each other too stunned to move. I could feel his dick starting to stir beneath me as my butt grinded on his lap and slowly I put a hand on his chest and stood up muttering apologies. I gave a quick glance at his lap and my suspiscions were confirmed as his boner struggled against the fabric of his trackpants then looked up suddenly as I saw his eyes meet mine. I gathered up my things and went back towards my seat.

“i’m sorry about earlier.” I said as I plugged in my earphones and sat back down. He nodded and without looking up from his phone said “No worries.” Then a minute later he set his phone down and hit me with a pondering gaze, “What do you mean though?” I looked up from my book and seeing him leaned forward and attentive wondered I should return the favour. I slowly set my book down and looked up at him as I answered, “What do you mean about what?” He shrugged and replied, “Well you said you were sorry about earlier. I don’t think the fall was your fault or was something to apologize about so what were you apologizing for?”

“I meant the fall only…nevermind.” “No you clearly had something else in mind. I mean I already know I just would prefer to hear you say it.” My eyebrow raised at this. It was sort of a creepy thing to say. If he already knew was he trying to insinuate he liked it? “That was a kind of creepy thing to say” I said leaning forward in a standoffish way. “I agree,” he said. Then he relaxed back into his seat. “Why don’t we start from the start with no creepiness. I’m Sid, and you are?” “Sam” I replied matter of factly before also relaxing my stance. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to come off as creepy. I more meant that it’s nice to be appreciated especially when you put in a lot of effort into looking a certain way.”

I felt a bit calmer as I flashed him a smile. “I can definitely agree with that Sid.” and with that statement something started to bloom between us. The next hour breezed by as we chatted, laughed and played games with each other (Yes I carried my UNO cards to play with my cousins). There were often moments we’d touch each other’s hand randomly or catch the other staring which made me think there may be something more beneath the surface but on the whole it was a fun time. Then eventually as the night grew darker and the lights of the carriage turned off one by one we decided to call it a night.

I couldn’t quite get the blanket tucked in properly and I was worried about insects after the multitude of videos I had seen of them so Sid helped me set up my bed and as he tucked me in his arms pulling the blanket up to my shoulders I couldn’t help but thing of his strong arms pinning me down as he slid inside me. I shook the wondered from my mind as we wished each other a good night and a safe journey as his station was 1 hour before mine in the morning.

I fell asleep quick as all the excitement of the trip waned away, but that didn’t last long. Late into the night I woke and feeling restless I sat up. Even my dreams were plauged with thoughts about Sid. I looked over at his bunk and found it empty. I wondered it was too early for him to have left. I stood up and curiousity got the better of me as I found myself looking left and right at the other berths in our carriage. Slowly I made my way over to the door. I wondered he may have gone to the bathroom and I should probably just leave things well enough alone but I had to know. I reached the door to the center area between compartments (I don’t know what it’s called so if someone can help me out with that that would be great) and opening it up I made my way to the bathroom.

Trying the bathroom door it slid open without a hitch, which also meant he wasn’t inside. I stood there at the bathroom door thinking for a second when a voice behind me whispered “Sam?” I jumped with a begin and turned to face him as he stood, leaning against the wall, near the door to the exit, staring out. He laughed a bit as I held my chest feeling my heartbeat go insane at the sudden jumpscare. “Can’t sleep either huh?” he asked as he offered me a biscuit from the packet in his hand and gestured to join him at the door. “I don’t know what woke me but yeah” I replied and thanked him for the biscuit as I grabbed one and started munching on it. “Well for me it was you.” He said without missing a beat as he looked up locking eyes with me. He crumpled up the packet and threw it in the bin behind him before standing up straight.

“You’re such an amazing, smart, funny, beautiful woman, and I’m afraid you’ve invaded my dreams and left me restless.” He said as he smiled.” A few moments passed in silence as we continued to study each other. The lights of another train passing us made his eyes sparkle in the dim light of our train and in that moment I lost all control. “Kiss me.” I said my voice quivering almost a whisper. He heard me even over the loud rumble of the train. He swallowed hard and closed the gap between us. “I know what you said but I just want to hear it again.” He said as his hand caressed my chin lightly pulling me closer to his face. As he did so I said a bit louder this time “Kiss me!” and then wrapping my arms around his neck I pulled him closer and did just that.

We made out for a bit as his tall frame held me steady pressed up against the wall. My hands slid down his back and landed on his butt which resulted in a light smirk and a chuckle from him before his hands reached up to my chest and started to feel me up. I was lost in the moment making out with him as we desperately grabbed at each others body, my hand starting to feel his dick as it got harder and harder against my palm. Then reality came crashing in and I pushed him off me quickly.

He looked shocked and surprised for a second as we both stood there panting in silence. I looked around left and right before taking his hand, leading him into the bathroom and locking it behind us. “I’ve only got like half an hour till my station and both our bags are in the berth alone. Why don’t we speed things along?” He said as he slid his tracks down and his dick bounced out. I licked my lips and nodded as I spat into my hand and reached down to jerk him off as we continued to make out. In the cramped dim bathroom the excitement was intensified as we struggled against each other to steady ourselves with the movement of the train while still remaining focused on each other.

I turned around and slid down my pants bracing myself against the wall of the bathroom. He positioned himself behind me and struggled a bit. The movement of the train was a bit tough to master especially when trying precise things like putting a penis in a vagina. I reached behind me and slowly held onto his dick as we waited for the train to become relatively stable before he slid inside me. I could feel the wetness of his precum as he entered me and the warmth of his dick fill me up. He stood there for a second and let out a low groan as we both relished in the feeling of finally finding a conclusion to the whole evening’s worth of sexual tension.

As the train chugged along we found a rhythm and settled into it as he fucked me from behind. Then suddenly he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled me closer as he sped up. I tried to supress my moans but found myself getting closer and closer to orgasm as he pulled on my hair and fucked me like there’s no tomorrow. Soon though he started to cum and as he pulled out of me I stepped apart quickly letting him spray into the toilet. Then I leaned over and licked him clean. I however was still not quite there yet. He sat down on the toilet and ran his hand slowly up my thigh before pulling out one leg of my pants and lifting my leg up onto his shoulder.

I braced myself at the sudden movement as it caught me off balance but then looked down with pure arousal in my eyes as I felt his breath on my vagina. He held on to my thigh and started to eat me out. While it was a bit of an uncomfortable position we soon settled into a rhythm and with me guiding him by holding his hair, and the railing behind me, I soon came wrapping my leg around his head. He stood up and helped me with my clothes before putting on his own. We kissed for a bit before the announcement came over the speakers of the next station arriving in 10. We held hands as we walked back to our berth before he grabbed his backpack and hugged me goodbye. “If fate has it we’ll meet again Sam.” He said as he stepped off the train and onto the platform. I watched from the door of the train a wide grin of satisfaction across my face as the train took off again.

NSFW: yes

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