21 FTM boys night

i like to imagine i’m a live-in sex slave for a wealthy man. i decided to devote my life to serving him physically as well as other men my Daddy deemed worthy of using his property. Daddy comes home from work and i can tell he’s got something on his mind. he tells me he’s inviting over his friends for “boys night”. i’d never met any of his friends before, as i’m Daddy’s newest slut. but he told me i’d get to know them very well when they are here.

daddy tells me to sit on the ground and that he needs to tell me something. like a good pet, i sit. he takes his soft cock out. immediately am willing to put my little hands on it and to feel the warmth of daddy. as i feel it start to perk up i start to nurse on his cock. daddy often had conversations with me like this. i discover nursing/gently suckling cock to be a meditative relaxing experience so daddy likes to tell me about new things he wants from me when i’m in this state.
i feel daddy’s strong hand holding my head as i suction his tip and circle his head and look up with puppy dog eyes for approval. i see Daddy’s sexy smile and close my eyes and go to my happy place while i listen to Daddy’s instructions.

Daddy tells me when his friends are here I am to wear a thong, fishnets with a hole cut out for my holes, and that i am to be collared and leashed the whole time. whoever has my leash at any moment i am to treat as my master. Daddy told me i am just entertainment though. they will be drinking, gambling, talking, smoking, eating, all while i go around and please these men. they would act as if i wasn’t there unless i was being an extraordinarily slutty pet.

this is when daddy pushes my head down on his cock and i know Daddy is serious. he tells me not to embarrass him in front of his friends tonight. he knows i’m an extraordinary slut and pet. he wanted me to be so whorish no one could ignore me if they tried. he says this is a test for me and that i’ll pass if i end up gangbanged for hours.

daddy talks about how he wants me to impress his friends and be the best whore they’ve ever met and how once they’ve accepted me i will never be without a load in me. he tells me i am to allow these men to do anything tonight. the word “no” was to be replaced with “yes daddy thank you daddy”. i was representing daddy and needed to show what a well trained pussyboi he had.

i could feel daddy getting closer. his cock leaked that yummy juice more and more until daddy made a loud “UHHHH” sound he at all times does followed by my mouth filling with his milk. i swallow every drop, but drop down and can’t breath from throating him for so long.

daddy slaps my ass and picks me up. “time to get you dressed, slut”

NSFW: yes

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