[20F] My FWB wants to breed me – Short Sex Story

I have a FWB who I met on a hookup site last year, he’s a few years older and nearly a foot taller than me, and during our most recent meeting while he was fucking me he said he wanted to knock me up.

I know it was dirty talk, I started birth control last month and this was his first time fucking me without a condom (also my first time having sex without a condom) and I was really surprised. He’d never mentioned it being a kink of his and neither had I, but fuck I was so into it.

I begged for him to cum inside me, he told me he was gonna get me pregnant, that I’d look so cute with big tits, that he was gonna fill me with cum. And I want it so bad! I know I realistically can not right now, but I want to get pregnant, and I want to get fucked by men who discover pregnant women hot.

I was just gasping and moaning “please, please put a baby in me” when he was fucking me doggystyle, like I present myself really masc in real life but in that moment I wanted to be a pretty feminine little bitch.

He came inside me and I played with my clit with his cum dripping down it. Maybe in a few years I’ll stop BC and I’ll let him fuck me until I really am pregnant.

NSFW: yes

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