(20f) looking for thoughts on my experience being pimped out

Made the mistake of telling my boyfriend at the time (we’ll call him Joseph) that one of his friends was hot. I hadn’t even suggested a threesome or anything, just said that he was looking good on a particular day. We had only been dating for a couple of months after being friends for almost a year, but when I said this, it completely changed our relationship. Beforehand he was attentive to me, spoiled me, and otherwise treated me like a princess. I know I shouldn’t have said it, but he became so cold afterwards.

A day or so after I said it, Joseph suggested a threesome with the guy. The idea of getting tag teamed by them was hot, so I said if he was completely comfortable then I was open to it. After another day or so of planning, we picked a night and we all met up at Joseph’s apartment.

The experience was really hot. They ran an eiffel tower on me, put me on my knees and took turns with my mouth, and even briefly DPed me. It was so much fun! I was under the impression after that night that we had both had the experience now, so we could simply return to our relationship and move forward.


Joseph fucked me alone for another couple of weeks, but would all the time speak to me like a free use whore. He would all the time hand me a toy to suck on while he was fucking me, and told me to imagine that he had called one of his buddies to distribute me with. Hot in the moment, but pretty soon it was all he talked about. Eventually I sat him down and asked him if he wanted another threesome or something.

He managed to steer his perspective into it being something that I wanted, that that was the best way to satisfy me. I admitted that it was really hot, but I was more than happy to keep it between just us.

When we were coming up on six months of dating, he told me he had a surprise gift for me after dinner. He left a Victoria’s Secret bag in my car and told me to wear the contents of it under my dress, so I did just that. When we got out of dinner, I noticed his GPS was set to a hotel nearby. I asked him why we weren’t gonna his apartment, but he didn’t answer.

When we arrived and found the room, the friend that we had the threesome with was there. He was also accompanied by another guy, whom I did not recognize. Presumably another friend. I was told to drop to my knees almost immediately, and before I knew it I had three cocks in front of my face. I took Joseph in my mouth, and the other two in my hands. I was then told to switch twice, so everyone could get my spit.

The Victoria’s Secret lingerie was useless, because the dress never came off. They threw me on the bed, lifted it up, and moved my panties to the side instead. They all used me at once, making me beg for their cum and making me say terrible, disgusting things about myself and my body.

Joseph was the first to cum. He unloaded down my throat while the stranger plowed me from behind. My boyfriend then called the friend that I knew over and had him take his station in my mouth. He then announced to the room that he needed to shower off.

I was confused. Did he want us to continue without him? That was unlike him, to not be in on the fun. But he walked out anyways, and said nothing about stopping. Once he left and I could hear the water running, the other two suddenly changed tones. The one behind me spoke up first.

“Anything around here we can shove into this bitch to keep her ass open?”

The other abandoned his post, leaving my mouth unoccupied while he searched the room. He came to the nightstand and held up the TV remote, shrugging at the other. I piped in, now able to because my throat wasn’t actively being pounded.

“That won’t fit. Want me to check my car and see if I have some kind of little toy?” I was somewhat experienced with anal.

They ignored me entirely, and the one behind me let a large glob of spit fall onto my asshole. He pushed it in with his finger, then took hold of the remote. I assumed he was gonna gently ease it in.

Wrong again.

He took the bottom of the remote, and jammed the first couple inches right into my asshole. I could feel the ridges of the buttons, feeling like knives against my tight walls. I yelped out and told him to stop, and that he was going too hard. The one who found the remote agreed, and tried to pull it out. The guy inside me slapped his hand away, and instead spit again and shoved it further. It was a blinding, white hot pain. He started thrusting it in and out, and the ridges of the buttons catching on my opening started driving me into a frenzy. He started fucking me even harder.

When I told him to slow down, he smacked my ass so hard that I teared up. I called out to Joseph, asking him to come back. No response. Suddenly I was hoisted up onto my hands and knees into a full doggy position. He instructed the guy in my mouth to put himself under me, and he did, impaling my pussy again with his larger cock.

The other, that was previously in my pussy, now removed the remote and added more spit into my asshole. He forced his entire length into me at once, calling me an easy fucking whore and that nobody was coming to help me. I started screaming for my boyfriend, still unresponsive. Eventually after pounding me for another 15-20 mins more, they both finished inside their respective holes. I collapsed into the bed, falling into a sweaty, cum-filled heap. This was how my boyfriend found me when they left.

Joseph thanked me for a great night, and told me he was listening and came harder than he ever has. We got into a gigantic fight that night about whether I wanted it like that or not, but he eventually decided I did. Our relationship continued down this path for another couple months, but that’s a whole separate post. In the meantime:

Did I actually want this? I still don’t know to this day. I can not deny how wet I was, and how many times I’ve masturbated remembering this experience. Did he stop seeing me as a person when I said the thing about his friend? Also, is this something that you guys would want to hear more about? Let me know!! 💕

NSFW: yes

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  1. seeking_good_life

    Surprises like this are not good. If you enjoy being degraded, that’s one thing, but if you question it at all, I think it is wrong.

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