[20F] I matched my university professor on tinder & fucked him


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A bit of context: I go to university in the uk, i was swiping on tinder one day and matched one of my lecturers, wondered it would be funny to message him and see how things were going…

One thing lead to another and he asked me to go on a date, was a bit sceptical at first but my friends convinced me to say yes. Here’s how it went.

We met up in the city center at a bar and after a couple of drinks, it became pretty clear that we were both interested in each other. He was a bit nervous at first, but I was intrigued. I wanted to know what made him take the risk to ask me on a date, I found it so hot… Imagine someone risking their job for you, he told me that he had his eye on me since I first started. I was taken back, he could notice this as well.

He started to apologise if it was inappropriate to say that, but inside I could feel my pussy throbbing for him. I reassured him it was okay & as the date progressed, it got more and more flirtacious

We left the bar and got a taxi back to my place, where we started kissing passionately in the hallway. It was all very intense and before long, his hand was sliding up my skirt. I started talking dirty in his ear about being punished and called him “professor,” which seemed to really turn him on.

We quickly made our way up to my room and undressed each other. I got down on my knees and started giving him oral sex, willing to please him. It was like I was in a frenzy, trying to make him feel good. As he approached climax, he stopped me and took me to the bed, bending me over for some doggy-style action while pulling my hair. I couldn’t help but moan about my apparent teacher-student kink, and he clearly indulged in it.

After changing positions a few times, I got back on my knees and gave him a handjob until he came on my face. We didn’t talk much after that and fell asleep spooning. The next morning, he left early to avoid any potential issues with my flatmates.

Looking back on it, the whole thing was exhilarating, but also a bit cringey. Although I enjoyed the dirty talk at the time, it feels a bit awkward now. I hope this doesn’t get him in trouble, I’ll keep you guys updated to know if we end up fucking again.

NSFW: yes

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